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Chronic Dry Eyes

Tears are important to keeping your eyes lubricated for comfort and to prevent bacteria from building up in the eye. Normally, there is a film of tears on the surface of your eyes. But if your eyes don't produce enough tears, the surface gets irritated and your eyes may sting, burn or feel itchy. This is known as dry eyes. It can be caused by environmental factors, allergies, aging, medications, injury, eyelid problems, tear duct obstruction or some diseases. Dry eyes are not only uncomfortable; the problem can cause trouble seeing.

Optometrists and eye surgeons at Gundersen can diagnose and provide the best treatment for chronic dry eyes ranging from artificial tears and medications to plugs and surgery.

For more information about tear duct obstructions or to schedule a comprehensive eye exam, contact your Gundersen Eye Clinic.

Dry eye symptoms and treatment

Angela Darveaux, OD, Optometry discusses the causes of dry eyes and treatment.

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