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Eye Care

Whether it's routine eye care or treatment for an eye disease or injury, Gundersen Vision department; including Ophthalmology, Optometry and Optical shops, provide quality eye care close to your home in the tri-state region.

Understanding your vision

Most patients wear glasses or contact lenses to correct common focusing problems of the eye, such as:

  • Nearsightedness—a common condition where light cannot focus far enough back in the eye to reach the retina. Close objects are clear, but distant objects are blurred.
  • Farsightedness—when light focuses behind the retina, causing blurred vision both far and near, especially if you are over 30 years old.
  • Presbyopia—an aging change in the lens of the eye that prevents a shift in focus from one point to another, which affects everyone once they reach about age 40 to 45.
  • Astigmatism—when the cornea is curved like a football, causing the light to focus at two points in the eye. This distorts vision for objects at all distances.

Optometrists and opticians

Each Gundersen eye clinic is staffed by a board-certified optometrist who provides a full range of optometric medical services, including:

  • Routine eye examinations
  • Eye disease diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Emergency eye care

Professional dispensing opticians and other staff are available to help you select from a complete line of the latest eyewear styles and contact lenses at a price to fit your budget. You'll also find eye glass cleaners, vision vitamins, contact lens solutions and other products to help you see with clarity and comfort.


Gundersen's ophthalmologists provide eye-related medical and surgical services, both in La Crosse and at all regional eye clinics. This includes laser vision correction available in La Crosse.

To schedule a comprehensive eye exam, contact a Gundersen eye clinic near you.

La Crosse and Onalaska Ophthalmology, Optometry and Optical Shops are departments of Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center.

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