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LINX Reflux Surgery

The minimally invasive LINX procedure places a ring of titanium beads with magnetic cores around the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Natural swallowing action temporarily breaks the magnetic attraction, which allows food and liquid to pass into the stomach. The magnetic bond between the beads helps close the LES immediately after swallowing, addressing the cause of GERD and restoring your body’s natural barrier to reflux.

LINX does not anatomically change the stomach like a Nissen fundoplication surgery, and it is potentially reversible. LINX is generally a same-day procedure that takes less than an hour.

LINX does not disqualify you from other gastroesophageal surgeries, if needed.

How LINX works

  • GERD
  • GERD
  • LINX system
  • LINX expand for food
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