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Cancer & Blood Disorders Second Opinion

Want options? Looking for a second opinion? Our Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders treats all types of cancer We offer the latest technology and medical advances, specialists experienced in your type of cancer and outcomes comparable to the best cancer centers in the nation.

We bring together multiple experts to provide coordinated care so you can begin treatment in the shortest time possible. Plus, our experts come to your appointment location, giving you the care you need in one place. This means less stress, waiting and worrying for you and your loved ones.

By getting a second opinion, you could learn about additional treatment options for your type of cancer, such as a more targeted, effective therapy or a new drug with fewer side effects. A second opinion might confirm your current treatment approach is the right one.

With a second opinion comes peace of mind

Having more than one expert opinion can be especially beneficial if:

  • You are uncertain about your diagnosis
  • You have a complex surgical case
  • There are multiple treatment options available
  • Other health problems make treatment riskier
  • You've been told your treatment options are limited
  • You are anxious about choosing the right treatment plan

Getting a second opinion

If your doctor is part of another healthcare organization, you can still select Gundersen as your cancer care provider or for a second opinion. You should check with your insurance plan to see if a second opinion appointment or tests are covered, if Gundersen is an in-network or out-of-network provider, and what, if any, are your out of pocket costs.  We can provide you with an estimate of the cost.

An appointment for a second opinion can usually be arranged in one to three work days. We'll work with you and your primary care provider to get access to your medical records and the results of tests you may have already had.

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The information you provide us is confidential. It will be used for care and follow-up purposes only, and will not be shared with any third parties.

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