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Educational Offerings

EAP consultants can provide a variety of training and education opportunities to meet your specific needs.

To help you fully utilize EAP services, we offer:

  • EAP: A Management Intervention Tool: This training is designed to enhance a managers' skill in dealing with workplace issues by effectively utilizing services available to them through the Employee Assistance Program. Participants will become familiar with the Four Steps to Effective Intervention and the Supervisory Referral Process. Time frame - 2.5 hours, but may be modified as needed.
  • EAP Orientation: This brief informational session educates employees about EAP and how to access services. Time frame - 15 to 30 minutes

To meet specific work related educational requirements we provide:

  • Department of Transportation Mandatory Supervisor Training: Satisfies DOT mandated training for supervisors. Participants will receive the required two hours of alcohol/drug information, a review of current DOT regulations, drug testing requirements/procedures, information pertaining to reasonable suspicion, and the Substance Abuse Professional Program. Time frame - 4 hours
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training: This training will provide information to recognize warning signs and symptoms of substance misuse in the workplace. Participants will be able to define Reasonable Suspicion, identify warning signs of a troubled employee, and discuss the value and methods of documentation and implement intervention methods. Time frame - 2 hours, but may be modified as needed.
  • Harassment Training: This presentation will provide an overview of the various types of harassment in the workplace. Information to assist in the identification of harassment, assessing your own behavior, familiarization with company policy, and the process for reporting harassment will be addressed. Time frame - 1 hour

In addition, we offer presentations on a variety of different mental health and workplace topics based on employee or management concerns. Presentation topics include but are not limited to: workplace behavior, improving communication and teamwork, conflict resolution, establishing healthy boundaries, dealing with change (at work or home), compassion fatigue, managing chronic stress, and information on alcohol and other drugs. If you are interested in bringing a presentation to your company, department, or workgroup, contact EAP for a management consult to discuss scheduling, topics, and any other concerns.

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