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Published on May 01, 2018

RTS Pioneer Rana Limbo retires after 50-year nursing career

Rana Limbo

There are not adequate words to describe Rana's contributions to the various places she has lived and worked throughout her career. She has been a pioneer in the field of bereavement (primarily perinatal) research, publication, and education, influencing care standards at Gundersen and around the world. She is known and respected among, and has collaborated with bereavement experts worldwide. Rana was instrumental in establishing the RTS model of care at Gundersen in 1981 and taking the program to a national audience shortly afterward. Rana states that without the support of Gundersen leadership, the RTS standard would likely not have been shared with other organizations. What has transpired since is monumental.

In addition to being a leader for the masses, Rana has been a respected director, an inspiring mentor, and a beloved colleague to RTS staff over the years. Some of Rana's most notable titles over the course of her renowned career include Director of Resolve Through Sharing, Fellow American Academy of Nursing, President of Pregnancy and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA), and Gundersen Medical Foundation Dahlberg Scholar.

Additional achievements include author, editor, reviewer, and contributor to over 70 peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications; author, editor, reviewer, and contributor to multiple online learning and audio-visual productions; recipient of over 20 awards and honors; presenter of over 90 invited talks; and participant in nearly 20 research projects.

Click here to see Rana's curriculum vitae.

We asked Rana to reflect on her years with Resolve Through Sharing and her plans going forward.

What are some of the biggest changes you've seen over the years? A reliance on evidence-based practice and the central role of relationships in providing care. Caring for a family when their baby dies has been documented as creating fear in bedside care providers (nurses, physicians, chaplains, and social workers). I believe we are now better prepared and feeling more confident and competent due to the excellent RTS education.

What will you miss the most? Having people in leadership roles who support my work. It has made all the difference in this place feeling like home.

Please share one or two of your favorite memories.

  1. Being given the opportunity and encouragement to help develop and guide a bereavement program that would change practice worldwide
  2. Having the opportunity to work alongside Mary Beth Hensel, who is simply "the best." Having a director with whom one can create, develop, reflect, and be challenged to grow is a lasting memory and a wonderful way to enter retirement.

What are your plans for retirement? Finally get those many photo books done; finish multiple knitting projects; see more of André and Stephen, my grandsons; and remain professionally connected primarily through membership in several organizations. I am very excited to have an emeritus position that will allow me to assist with research and finish a sixth book.

Is there anything else you would like to share? I was honored as Gundersen's Dahlberg Scholar in 2015. I remain grateful to Dr. Sigurd B. Gundersen III and others in Gundersen Medical Foundation for giving me one of the highest honors of my career.

Rana will be awarded the status of Associate Director Emeritus and consultant for RTS upon her retirement in July.

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