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Gundersen Health System Newsroom

Our experienced Media Relations team can provide media professionals with:

  • Access to Gundersen Health System experts.
  • Content coordination and scheduling.
  • Guidance for patient condition reports.

If you are a media professional and would like to speak with someone from Gundersen Health System, please contact a member of our Media Relations team.

Media Relations Team

For Quartz Health Solutions inquiries, please contact Christina Ott, Quartz Health Solutions, Inc., at

Patient Conditions

Media inquiries for patient condition reports should be directed to Gundersen Emergency Services at (608) 775-3128. Please ask for the health unit coordinator. Only media members are allowed to call for patient condition reports.

Media members must provide:

  • Patient's full name
  • Reporter's full name
  • Name of the media outlet with which they work
  • Call-back number for verification

If information is available, one of the following conditions will be reported:

  • Treated and Released
  • Refused Treatment
  • Refused Hospitalization
  • Held for Observation

Good: Vital signs, including pulse, respiration rate, temperature and blood pressure are within normal limits. The patient is conscious and comfortable.

Fair: Vital signs are within normal limits, but the patient may be uncomfortable or suffering minor complications.

Serious: Vital signs may be outside limits and treatments are being directed toward assisting return of some vital signs to normal limits. There may be signs of organ system instability and mechanical systems may be necessary.

Critical: Vital signs are frequently outside normal limits and one or more organ systems are in failure. There are major complications and artificial devices are being used. Patient may be only partly responsible to outside stimulation or in a coma.

Confidential Cases
In a number of situations, unless consent is obtained, no information will be released about a person’s treatment or hospitalization. In these instances, members of the media will be told "we have no information on that patient."

Such confidential cases may include the following:

  • Persons who have specifically requested confidentiality
  • Persons admitted for mental illness
  • Persons with developmental disabilities
  • Persons admitted for drug or alcohol abuse
  • Suspected abuse of children/domestic violence
  • Suspected or known suicide attempts
  • Cases of sexually transmitted disease
  • Victims of rape or other sexual assault
  • Persons who have passed away

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