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Discipline at School

Nineteen states have laws permitting corporal punishment in schools.

Corporal punishment allowed in 19 states

Want to find the number of students paddled in your school district? Data on school discipline, corporal punishment and more can be found at the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights website.

State and national totals are statistical projections. Within each state you may find the data reported by your local school district if it was one of the 6,000 districts asked for hard data. If your district is not listed, it was not surveyed or failed to report survey data.

  1. Click the Orange Arrow for District or School Reports
  2. Search by State, District, or School
  3. Select your desired District or School
  4. Under “Special Reports and Other Profile Facts” Select “Discipline Report”
    or Under “School & District Search” Select “Discipline, Restraints/Seclusion Harassment/Bullying”

To find out the number of students receiving corporal punishment, choose from among the options on discipline – Discipline and Disability, Discipline of Students With Disabilities and Discipline of Students Without Disabilities.

Your district and school may be among those schools not included in the sample. You can also request a copy of your school district’s corporal punishment statistics (school building and district information) from previous years from the district board of education office. Corporal punishment data is public information.

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