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Any conflict between statements made in this benefit summary and the plan documents shall be governed by the applicable plan documents. Gundersen Medical Foundation may find it necessary to add, modify or change any or all benefits or premium contributions stated herein.


R1: $60,000
R2: $62,000
R3: $64,000
R4: $66,000
R5: $68,000
R6: $70,000


Housing is available just a short walk away from the medical center.

Healthcare Insurance

Gundersen Medical Foundation pays the full cost of your medical premium. Choosing a medical plan for you and your family is an important decision.  With two plan options – the HMO Plan or the Consumer Involved Medical Plan (CIMP) with Cost Share Fund – you have flexibility in selecting a plan that best meets your needs. Coverage begins on your date of hire.

Consumer Involved Medical Plan (CIMP) with Cost Share Fund – both in-network and out-of-network coverage.

In-network - $2,000 deductible + 20% coins up to $2,000. Out of pocket max=$4,000/person.

Out-of-network - $4,000 deductible + 40% coins up to $4,000. Out of pocket max=$8,000/person.

Family out-of-pocket maximums apply for family of more than two.

  • Cost Share Fund (CSF) pays 50% of deductible and coinsurance.  Gundersen funds $1,000 for single coverage or $2,500 for single+dependent and family coverage.  Cost Share Fund is pro-rated if enrolling mid-year.
  • Annual exams, preventive and diagnostic screenings covered at 100% in-network.

HMO Plan – must see in-network providers for benefit coverage.

$500 deductible + 10% coinsurance up to $500 + copays up to $500.

Out of pocket max= $1,500/person or $3,000/family.

  • Copays for physician office visits.
  • Annual exams, preventive and diagnostic screenings covered at 100% in-network.

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage is offered with a premium cost to you. The plan pays 100% of preventative services (includes routine exams and x-rays). The plan pays 70% to 80% for restorative services (such as fillings, crowns and bridges, and endodontic services), up to an annual maximum of $1,000 per covered person. Coverage begins on your date of hire.

Employee Discounts

Each resident/fellow, spouse, and any dependent children under the age of 18 receive a 20% discount on all non-insurance covered services at Gundersen.

Some examples of services to which this discount would apply include refractive eye surgery, optometry services such as eye wear, including prescription eyeglasses and contacts, cosmetic surgery, hearing aid and dentures. (Please note that this is not all-inclusive and you should check with the Gundersen Health Plan for specific coverage details.)

Salary Deferment 401(k) Plan

Eligibility: Employees age 21 or older who work 40 hours or more in a two-week pay period, i.e. must be in position scheduled to work 1,000 hours per year (.5 FTE). Entrance into the plan to begin deferrals is the first of the month following 30 days of employment. Thereafter, employees can enroll at any time. Employees may make personal pre-tax or Roth after-tax contributions to the plan.

Summary: Gundersen Health System matches 100% on the first 3% you contribute and $.50 for each dollar up to the next 2% you contribute; therefore if you contribute 5% you can receive a 4% match. The matching contribution is made after each pay period. You may elect to contribute more than 5%. You elect how the funds are invested, and are 100% vested immediately in your contributions as well as Gundersen’s matching contributions and earnings on these amounts. Changes in your contribution percentage and the investment allocation can be made at any time. The amount of the voluntary contributions (your personal deferrals) by law is limited to a maximum of $18,000 (2017 limit) and is subject to other IRS limitations as well. Employees who will be at least age 50 by the end of 2017 can contribute an additional $6,000 (2017 limit) to their 401(k) plan. This additional $6,000 is over and above the $18,000 limit. These limits are adjusted annually by the IRS.

Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) help you take advantage of tax savings on eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses. By setting aside pre-tax money from your pay in a Health Care and/or Dependent Care FSA, you can later repay yourself for eligible expenses. Because your contributions are deducted from your pay before federal income, state income, and Social Security taxes have been withheld, you save on taxes. You are eligible to participate July 1.

Health Care FSA: The Medical FSA is for reimbursement for you and your eligible dependents healthcare expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. The minimum contribution is $100 and the maximum contribution is $2,600. In making your elections, estimate the out-of-pocket expenses you expect to incur from July 1st through December 31st. If you have money remaining in your account at the end of the plan year, a grace period allows you to be reimbursed for eligible healthcare expenses incurred from January 1 through March 15.

Dependent Care FSA: The Dependent Care FSA is for reimbursement of daycare expenses for eligible dependents. The minimum contribution is $100 and the maximum contribution is $5,000. The Dependent Care FSA does not offer a grace period.

Disability Insurance

If you are unable to work for more than 14 consecutive days, short-term disability provides a 60% weekly benefit-up to $1,000 per week- for up to 75 days. Your cost for STD coverage depends on your basic annual earnings. This policy goes into effect July 1.

Your long-term disability coverage is a corporate paid benefit. The policy goes into effect on your date of hire. Should you become disabled, benefits would begin after a 90-day elimination period. If disabled, you would receive a disability benefit of up to $2,000 per month.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability insurance is also available to you if you are interested at your expense.

Life Insurance

Gundersen pays the full cost of your basic group life insurance policy. The value is $50,000 matched by an additional $50,000 in the case of accidental death. The policy goes into effect July 1st. You may also purchase supplemental life insurance up to a maximum of five times your salary at rates in accordance with your age bracket. You may also purchase supplemental life insurance for your spouse and qualifying dependent child(ren). Premiums for all supplemental policies are paid through after-tax payroll deductions.

Professional Liability Insurance

Residents/fellows are insured for professional liability under the Gundersen Clinic, Ltd. Professional Liability Insurance Plan, a self-insurance plan approved by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. Coverage is provided on an occurrence basis to limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000. Coverage above this primary professional liability insurance, in an unlimited amount, is provided by law by the Wisconsin Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund. The Gundersen Medical Foundation pays all required premiums and fund contributions for this coverage on behalf of its residents/fellows.

Worker's Compensation

Each resident/fellow is covered under Worker's Compensation and normal laws apply.

Vacation Time

Vacation time includes a maximum of 15 weekdays, which may be taken throughout the academic year either as single days or as a one-week block. No more than seven calendar days (including weekend days) are allowed off of any one-month rotation. Fourteen day (including weekend days) vacations may be arranged by using the last week of one rotation and the first week of the next rotation, with the approval of the program director. (See your specific residency handbook for additional details.)

Meeting Time/Allowance

Each resident/fellow may receive up to five working days for educational experiences per academic year for the general purpose of maintaining, continuing, or enhancing his/her education, training, or skill level, within his/her field of expertise. (See your specific residency handbook for additional details.) First year residents receive $1,000, second year residents receive $1,600, third year residents receive $1,800, fourth year residents/fellows receive $2,000, fifth year residents/fellows receive $2,500, and sixth year residents/fellows receive $3,000 per year for meeting and other education expenses (e.g., books). Expenses other than those listed in the guidelines will not be reimbursed from this allowance (please review and adhere to Gundersen policy GL-1035). Special funds are available for resident/fellow paper presentations. You may use up to $900 of your CME monies to purchase iPad which is owned by Gundersen Health System and must be returned at the end of your residency/fellowship.

Total Time Away From Training

A maximum of 30 calendar days (including weekend days) throughout the academic year is permitted for authorized time away from training, which includes job/fellowship interviews, vacation, illness, parental or family leave, or pregnancy-related disabilities. (See your specific residency handbook for additional details.) Training must be extended to make up any absences exceeding 30 days per year of training as total time away may have repercussions on ability to qualify for board certification, depending upon the specialty's requirements. Each resident should consult their respective Board's application materials to verify required number and composition of residency weeks by year.

Total Time Away for Extended Residency

If residency program is extended for a resident/fellow, that resident/fellow may earn 2.5 days (including weekend days) away from training, per month, after completing the first 90 days of the extended residency time. If the residency program is extended until the end of the academic year, the resident/fellow may earn up to 22.5 days (including weekend days). Of that total time away, two-thirds of the accrued leave time may be used for vacation and the additional one-third can be used for other authorized time away.

Child Care

Children of residents/fellows are eligible to attend a child-care center on the immediate Gundersen grounds, provided openings are available. 

Credit Union

Residents/fellows are eligible to use the Gundersen Credit Union.


Depending on your residency/fellowship program, Gundersen pays 100% of the fee for your license (TEP, REL, State of WI) and DEA registration fees.


Residents/fellows who take call are provided with a $1,800 meal stipend for the academic year.

Laboratory Coats

Laboratory coats are provided, laundered and repaired on a regular basis at no cost to you.

Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library is an integral part of Gundersen Health System. As the second largest hospital library in the state, the collection contains over 4000 on-line/print journal titles and over 3,000 on-line/print textbooks. Electronic resources including, Ovid, ClinicalKey, Micromedex, LexiComp, VisualDX, and Up-To-Date are available via Gundersen's intranet. You have 24/7/365 access to the main library area by use of your identification badge.


If living off campus, parking is available at no charge in one of the immediate physician lots.

Sleeping Rooms

There are designated call rooms in the Heritage Building available for your use when on call. 

Exercise Facility

The My Health Room located on the La Crosse Campus is a fully equipped fitness facility offering a wide variety of cardiovascular and weight lifting equipment. Gundersen employees may use the facility at no cost. An array of fitness classes are available and offered at very reasonable rates.

Sports Leagues and Tickets

Gundersen Medical Foundation sponsors resident/fellow city recreational league teams in basketball, softball, broomball and volleyball. In addition, two season lift tickets are available for use at Mt. La Crosse for skiing. Discounted lift passes are offered to spouses, children or guests of the resident/fellow.

Jobs for Partners

Partners of prospective residency candidates have the opportunity to meet with a member of the Human Resources team at Gundersen Health System during the residency interview day or at a separate time. Our specialists can review employment opportunities at Gundersen, or appropriately refer to outside employers.

What Partners Think

Community. That's what you will hear if you ask about life as a partner of a Gundersen Health System Resident. There are male and female partners, with and without children, working full-time, part-time or stay at home with their children.

There are several "mixers" throughout the year to let everyone meet and greet. Scheduled events occur at least monthly (and sometimes weekly) for stay-at-home parents.

Parents go in groups with their children to the playgrounds in Resident Housing, to parks, swimming pools, The Children's Museum of La Crosse or to shows at The La Crosse Center.

Partners are also invited to participate in all the resident city sports leagues and outdoor sports activities. There are sand volleyball games in Resident Housing that are open to all. Partners are encouraged to come to other activities, including Internal Medicine Journal Club (at nice restaurants in the area) so they can get better acquainted.

The ability for residents to take call from home most months maximizes quality family time. You can't put a price tag on eating dinner and spending quality time with your family, "tucking in" your kids at night, sleeping in your own bed, or showering and changing clothes at home all while on call. It would be hard to imagine a residency with a higher value on family and marriage relationships.

Love + Medicine

Every day, Gundersen Health System staff deliver great medicine plus a little something extra—we call it Love + Medicine.

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