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Curriculum & Schedule

First Year
Resident 1 Resident 2
Block 1 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 2 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 3 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 4 General Medicine Podiatry
Block 5 Podiatry General Medicine
Block 6 Anesthesia Podiatry
Block 7 Podiatry Anesthesia
Block 8 Hand Ortho  Podiatry
Block 9 Podiatry Hand Ortho
Block 10 Endocrinology/Rheumatology Podiatry
Block 11 Podiatry Endocrinology/Rheumatology
Block 12 Radiology/Behavioral Medicine Podiatry
Block 13 Podiatry Radiology/Behavioral Medicine
Second Year
Block 1 ED Podiatry
Block 2 Podiatry ED
Block 3 Plastics Podiatry
Block 4 Podiatry Plastics
Block 5 Sports Medicine/Pathology Podiatry
Block 6 Podiatry Sports Medicine/Pathology
Block 7 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 8 Infectious Disease Podiatry
Block 9 Podiatry Infectious Disease
Block 10 Podiatry Dermatology
Block 11 General/Vascular Surgery Podiatry
Block 12 Podiatry General/Vascular Surgery
Block 13 Dermatology Podiatry
Third Year
Block 1 Podiatry Orthopedics (Trauma)
Block 2 Orthopedics (Trauma) Podiatry
Block 3 Podiatry Wound Clinic
Block 4 Wound Clinic Podiatry
Block 5 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 6 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 7 Podiatry Elective
Block 8 Elective Podiatry
Block 9 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 10 Podiatry Pediatric Ortho
Block 11 Pediatric Ortho Podiatry
Block 12 Podiatry Podiatry
Block 13 Podiatry Podiatry

Call Schedules: Residents on the podiatry service are generally on call for one week intervals, and may take call from home.

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