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Childbirth & Family Education

After Baby: Restore You & Your Core: Calling all moms who've experienced: peeing when you jump or sneeze (incontinence), low back pain, weak abdominal strength or pelvic prolapse. Feel like these symptoms come with having children or age? They might, but they are not something you have to live with. Gundersen physical therapists and YMCA trainers have partnered to help moms 6 weeks to 5+ years postpartum with these concerns. This class includes an assessment of abdominal strength, check for abdominal separation (diastasis), hands-on training and personalized strength exercises and to help eliminate the symptoms listed above and reach your fitness goals. Physical therapy pre- and post-testing are included at no additional cost. Babies are welcome to attend or Y watch childcare is available. All moms get a FREE eight-week YMCA membership ($138 value).

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After Baby Wellness: Having a baby affects more than the body. It impacts our mind, relationships and overall thoughts about ourselves. After Baby Wellness is a five-week program that provides information, support and discussion on topics, including: physical, emotional and relationship changes after delivery; postpartum nutrition; feeding baby; postpartum depression and anxiety; and community resources for mom and baby. This program is most relevant to mothers and their partners in the first year postpartum, although anyone is welcome. Babies may attend or Y Watch childcare is available. All parents get a FREE five-week YMCA membership ($60 value).

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Family LEAP: Family LEAP Program (Learn, Eat, Active Play) Program is a 12-week weight management program for children ages 8-12, who are at risk for weight-related health problems, and their families.

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Labor, Breastfeeding and Newborn Care: Three in one! This daylong class combines Managing Your Labor, Essentials of Breastfeeding and Caring for Your Newborn into one session. It is ideal for parents and partners who want all of the information in a single class—starting with when to come to the hospital, continuing through labor and birth, and finishing with feeding, bathing and comforting your newborn. Feel free to bring your own lunch and snacks. Please bring two pillows and a blanket, or yoga mat, for labor coping techniques.

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