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Knees or hips causing you pain?

Does joint pain keep you from performing everyday tasks, engaging in physical activity or enjoying your favorite hobbies? If so, take our quick and easy Knee and Hip Risk Assessment.


By completing this free assessment, you'll learn about the severity and likely causes of your joint pain, risk factors as well as recommended next steps.


At the end of the risk assessment, you can:

  • Print or email your results, and share them with your healthcare provider any time.
  • Take it one step further and sign up for our FREE Knee and Hip Self-Care Plan. The Self-Care Plan gives you simple steps to take at home for six weeks to put you in control of your joint pain. The plan is designed to not only improve your symptoms and quality of life, but also prevent or delay the need for joint replacement surgery. After six weeks, you can decide to continue with the Self-Care Plan or schedule an office visit. Click the tan tab to get started.

If at any point your symptoms are not improving, we offer a full range of treatment options. Please contact your primary care provider.


Do you suffer from knee or hip pain but have not reached out to an orthopedic specialist yet? If so, you're encouraged to use Gundersen Health System's Knee and Hip Pain Self-Care Plan. This free six-week program is designed to help people manage and improve their joint pain symptoms on their own. Recommendations are tailored to their specific symptom profile. Here's how it works:

The first step is to watch this brief introduction video about the Self-Care Plan:

The next important step is to take our Knee and Hip Risk Assessment if you haven't already. This will assess how well your knee or hip joints are functioning, examine cause(s) and risk factors and suggest next steps.

At the end of the profiler, sign up for our free online Self-Care Plan.

Once you sign up, you can easily access your password-protected Self-Care Plan whenever you want to learn how to help yourself, set goals and reminders, and track your successes.


Use the Self-Care Plan for the next six weeks. Specific exercises are recommended to help you improve certain aspects of joint functioning. Each set of exercises has its own daily schedule and set of repetitions; there are also videos and written directions for each exercise. As you improve, you can advance through levels 1, 2 and 3. After six weeks, you can decide to continue with the self-care plan or schedule an office visit.

If at any point you feel you need medical help for your joint pain, we offer a full range of treatment options. Please contact your primary care provider.

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