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Take control of your incontinence

Does this sound familiar? You cough, sneeze or laugh and, for just a split second, you lose control and dribble a little. You find yourself constantly running to the bathroom and you make it just in time…or not! You say to yourself, "I'm too young to have bladder control problems" or "It's just a normal part of aging that I have to accept."


If this is your reality, try our free Incontinence self-care plan. This plan includes simple steps people can take on their own to improve bladder control. Following this plan, most people will be able to significantly improve or completely control their incontinence symptoms and improve their quality of life. Here's how it works:

The first step is to watch this brief introduction video about the Self-Care Plan:


Use the Self-Care Plan for the next six weeks. Over this time, you can set goals and reminders, and track your lifestyle changes. Your time between bathroom breaks should increase as you use the tools and meet your goals. Charts and graphs make it easy to track your progress. After six weeks, you can decide to continue with the Self-Care Plan or schedule an office visit.

If at any point you feel you need medical help for your incontinence, we offer a full range of treatment options. Please contact your primary care provider.

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