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Published on May 14, 2019

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Getting your life back in step

An injured foot or ankle can make every day activities painful and difficult. A common lower extremity injury involves rolling, twisting or turning of the ankle.

Peter Hordyk, DPM

Peter Hordyk, DPM

"A sprain occurs when there is trauma to the soft tissue. Minor ankle sprains involve stretching of the ligaments, while a severe sprain involves rupturing the ligaments," explains Peter Hordyk, DPM, Gundersen Tomah Clinic podiatrist, who sees patients in Tomah and at Gundersen Moundview Friendship Clinic. "Symptoms associated with ankle sprains include pain, swelling, bruising and difficulty walking. Initial treatment should include R.I.C.E. principles—Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation."

It is important to seek medical treatment for these injuries because symptoms can often mask bone, tendon or joint injury.

Brent Fuerbringer, DPM

Brent Fuerbringer, DPM

"A medical evaluation can help identify any severe underlying injuries, some of which may require surgical intervention," says Brent Fuerbringer, DPM, Gundersen Tomah Clinic podiatrist who sees patients in Tomah and at Gundersen St. Joseph's Hillsboro Clinic. "Dr. Hordyk and I can consult with you to develop a treatment plan and take care of any emergent injury or persistent symptoms to help you get back to activity as soon as possible."

Dr. Fuerbringer and Dr. Hordyk are trained to provide surgical and conservative treatment for most foot, ankle and lower leg ailments.

"By seeing patients in Tomah, Hillsboro and Friendship, we are dedicated to bringing specialty care close to our patients, so they don't have to spend extra time and money traveling to receive specialty care," says Dr. Hordyk.

To schedule an appointment at Gundersen Tomah Clinic, call (608) 372-4111.

To schedule an appointment at Gundersen Moundview Friendship Clinic, call (608) 339-6350.

To schedule an appointment at Gundersen St. Joseph's Hillsboro Clinic, call (608) 489-8000.

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