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Published on April 19, 2017

Dr. Finch

Specialty eye care, shorter drive

Did you know the same specialty eye care available in La Crosse and other larger communities is just a short drive away?

Gundersen Tri-County Hospital and Clinics has integrated optometry and ophthalmology services available if you have healthy eyes or if you are experiencing blurred vision or other problems.

To schedule an appointment, call (715) 538-4361 or visit

"For a rural area, the technology and resources at Gundersen Tri-County is impressive," says Ashley Finch, OD, Gundersen Tri-County Whitehall. "Few rural areas are able to provide this level of care."

Dr. Finch and Steven Whitford, MD, Gundersen Ophthalmology, co-manage patients and a variety of conditions and diseases, such as diabetes and cataracts.

Patients come to see Dr. Finch for eye exams, and she can refer patients to Dr. Whitford for specialized care, including cataract surgery and injections for macular degeneration, a breakdown of a part of the eye responsible for central vision and distinguishing fine details.

Once a month, Dr. Whitford hits the road and brings care to Gundersen Tri-County patients in Whitehall for these procedures, which often take just a matter of minutes.

"Bringing ophthalmology services closer to a patient's home saves them and their caretakers the 45 minute to an hour drive, plus time for the appointment," Dr. Whitford says. "We are supporting easy, convenient access to these necessary services."

A typical patient would have pre and post-operative visits with Dr. Finch scheduled around Dr. Whitford's procedures. If a patient needs surgery in La Crosse, they can still receive pre and post-op care in Whitehall and other locations.

"As an example, we have gone from doing 20 to 30 cataract procedures a year to doing more than 100 annually," Dr. Whitford says. "It's great to have optometrists like Dr. Finch at our rural locations to help patients resume care faster after a procedure. Patients know them, trust them and get the best care because of our work with them."

Specialty Services available at Gundersen Tri-County Whitehall

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