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middle aged woman relaxing and practicing self-care

Did you self-care today?

Go to work. Pick up the kids. Walk the dog. Make dinner. Mow the lawn. Fold the laundry. Find an outfit for the party next week. Insert never-ending list of tasks here.

It's easy to get stuck in the fast pace and routine of everyday life. And with our schedules often maxed out, little time is left for an item that should be near the top of our list: self-care.

Why self-care?

Self-care is important for disease prevention, personal empowerment and lifelong resilience, and it is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Physical well-being. Self-care, such as eating healthy, making time for meals and exercise, getting enough sleep and maintaining hygiene, helps us stay physically healthy.

Emotional well-being. Self-care helps us develop positive relationships with ourselves, and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Mental well-being. Self-care helps us avoid burnout. Without proper work-life balance to offset our daily stress, we can be more susceptible to a variety of health problems, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and heart disease.

Easy self-care habits

Self-care habits don't have to be complicated or time intensive. Choose a couple favorites from the list provided, or come up with your own, and see your daily happiness soar.

  • Take a 10-minute break to rest your eyes.
  • Find something that makes you laugh at least once a day.
  • Go for a run, light jog or brisk walk.
  • Enjoy a bath.
  • Deep breathe for five minutes.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Learn to be OK with saying "no."
  • Journal
  • Go to sleep at a reasonable and regular time each night.
  • Read a book you've been wanting to finish.
  • Wake 10 minutes early to enjoy your coffee or tea.
  • Call a friend to catch up.

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