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Published on November 01, 2016

Family Medicine physician joins Gundersen Prairie du Chien Clinic

Devin Wenrich, MD

Gundersen Health System is happy to welcome family medicine physician Devin Wenrich, MD, to the Gundersen Prairie du Chien Clinic.

Dr. Wenrich provides the complete range of family medicine for all ages, including obstetrical care. He discovered in medical school how important a local doctor can be when he shadowed rural family physicians.

"On one of my last days working with them, I saw a baby delivered for the first time. It was amazing to see such a life-changing event," says Dr. Wenrich. "I feel that as a family physician you know your patients best and have such a strong relationship with them. You are able to be there and share in that moment with them. It is such a wonderful and rewarding experience."

He also brings lessons learned from his own childhood. He was born with a severe condition in which the opening between his stomach and small intestine is very narrow. This causes severe vomiting. A doctor ignored his mother's concerns for more than a week.

He and his family were also discouraged about any future sports activities: Dr. Wenrich was born with a club foot and told he'd never play sports. But he went on to play soccer, even into college, despite being told by another family doctor he needed to stop. He persisted, went to a specialist and a physical therapist, and is kicking away to this day.

"I feel that serious communication issues with my physicians early on influenced me to want to make a change and be a physician that listens and takes his patients concerns seriously," says Dr. Wenrich. "When you come to see me, I will provide top notch care, and I will listen to you and your concerns."

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Wenrich or any Gundersen Prairie du Chien provider, call (608) 326-6466.

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