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Gundersen Magazine

Gundersen is published three times a year by Gundersen Health System. The information contained in the magazine is to educate consumers about various health subjects and is not intended to replace professional medical advice or service.

Winter 2020 issue

Gundersen Magazine Winter 2020 issue
  • New cancer treatment is right on target
  • It looked like a freckle
  • Giving babies the best start
  • Cindy Field's doctor recommended a routine screening. It found cancer.
  • After winter fall, Wilton mother finds pain relief through therapy
  • Adams business owner regains independence after Gundersen Moundview Swing Bed care
  • Boscobel couple benefits from Swing Bed close to home
  • Swing bed care aids Whitehall woman's stroke recovery
  • Care across the system
  • Did you hear?
  • VirtualVisit: We're ready when you need us
  • 4 foot problems you shouldn't ignore
  • Bringing quality healthcare to rural communities
  • Double the benefits
  • New speech therapist gives patients a stronger voice
  • Wound care, close to home in Boscobel
  • New doctor offers family medicine, obstetrics care in Viroqua
  • Offering surgery, close to home
  • 6 tips for a healthy 2020
  • 9 benefits of physical and occupational therapy
  • Don't snooze on sleep disorder care

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Fall 2019 issue

Gundersen Magazine Fall 2019 issue
  • Kyle lost 280 lbs. with bariatric surgery and became the dad he wanted to be
  • 'He saved my life' Dermatologist works tirelessly to restore New Lisbon woman's quality of life
  • Orthopedic specialty services help Boscobel man get back on his feet
  • 'Top Notch' ER care helps West Union woman
  • Swing Bed gets 'ambitious' great-grandma back to life
  • Gundersen Whitehall Hospital delivers extensive expert care, close to home
  • 'Changing the picture of addiction'
  • Dreaming of a good night's sleep?
  • Non-vaccination hotspots a growing problem
  • Addressing adverse childhood experiences
  • Cancer Center now open in Tomah
  • Expanded care for women available in Whitehall, Arcadia
  • Spine and joint pain care is close to home
  • Care your way
  • Can palliative care help you?
  • Did you self-care today?
  • 3 ways to prepare for a healthy pregnancy
  • We're up, too!
  • Stepping in strain?

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Spring 2019 issue

Gundersen Magazine Spring 2019 issue
  • During heartbreak, Hospice lifts families
  • A helping paw
  • Remarkable heart surgeries yield remarkable results
  • All the comforts of home
  • Young father, husband recovers from colon cancer after sharing symptoms with doctor
  • Heart strong
  • Dizzy with vertigo?
  • Osteopathic care relieves debilitating shoulder injury
  • Holmen Clinic expanding
  • Today's research, tomorrow's cure
  • Women's screenings: Take control of your health
  • Offering relief, close to home
  • Don't snooze on sleep disorders
  • Gynecology care available in Tomah
  • Cardiac rehab: Get back on your feet faster
  • Specialty eye care offered in Moundview
  • Help for seniors dealing with depression
  • Spring into hiking season on the right foot
  • Say goodbye to dry eyes
  • Hello, sunshine!
  • Getting your life back in step
  • Top 5 foods that are good for your heart

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Winter 2019 issue

Gundersen Magazine Winter 2019 issue
  • Sisters through survival
  • A perfect pair
  • Playing through Parkinson's
  • Midwives for a new generation of Tomah moms
  • Baby Kameryn: Overcoming the odds at 23 weeks
  • Swing Bed helps Betty get 'back to normal'
  • 'You would never know'
  • Telemedicine provides access to specialists close to home
  • Get a leg up on varicose veins
  • A healthy body image starts with you
  • In pain? You have options
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga gives 'choice,' 'sense of home'
  • Caring for mom & baby close to home
  • New hospital and clinic will improve access, services close to home
  • Offering surgery close to home in Friendship
  • Gundersen Boscobel introduces new model of care
  • Gundersen Tri-County Foundation supports patient, community health and wellness
  • From RN to CNM
  • The skinny on the keto diet
  • Nine screenings that can save your life
  • Your eyes deserve the best
  • Urgent vs. Emergent: Where should you seek care?

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Fall 2018 issue

Gundersen Magazine Fall 2018 issue
  • A new 'angle' on life after oral cancer
  • 'I cannot describe the joy of moving again'
  • Knee surgery and rehab to get you back in the game
  • Healing made possible by hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Heart experts help Charlie 'keep on truckin'
  • Service beyond self with Global Partners
  • Guiding your child through the teen years
  • 3 surprising benefits of family meals
  • Helping kids cope with fear and uncertainty
  • A strong 'chain of care' for a heart emergency
  • Osteoporosis: know your risks, get tested
  • New Gundersen Moundview CEO values 'positive culture,' 'trust'
  • Specializing in hometown, local service
  • Dry needling now available to help relieve pain in Boscobel
  • Women have hope with pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Gundersen specialty services now available at Moundview
  • 7 tips to fight disease & strengthen immunity
  • A stronger shield against shingles
  • e-visits are e-fficient
  • Get off the sidelines with RFA
  • Dreaming of more restful nights?
  • Stimulate your skin's ability to heal itself
  • Introducing Gundersen Eye Clinic Friendship

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Spring 2018 issue

Gundersen Magazine Spring 2018 issue
  • 'I'm back' - Lung cancer survivor helping raise awareness of disease
  • Uplifting Hospice Care
  • Freedom to enjoy food again
  • Back on the job, thanks to Gundersen Tri-County care
  • Teaming Up with Team Rehab
  • 'It sets us apart' Gundersen Palmer social workers offer care, support
  • Paula's Purse helps ease financial barriers to treatment
  • GunderKids: New model of care for socially complex families
  • Need help paying your medical bills?
  • Enriching Recovery: Rehabilitation patients plant, tend and harvest
  • The big 10 for men
  • You need to heal but don't need a nursing home
  • New clinic, more convenient care coming to Tomah
  • We take the 'oi' out of joint pain
  • 4 over-the-counter treatments for seasonal allergies
  • What to know before your next blood draw
  • Manage blood sugars with meal timing
  • Physical vs. Chemical sunscreens
  • Find the help you need by texting 211
  • New expanded hours in Sparta, Tomah

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Fall 2017 issue

Gundersen Magazine Fall 2017 issue
  • Less pain, shorter recovery
  • Parenting program gives parents tools to help raise children
  • Life renewed following total knee replacement
  • Teeth in a Day takes dental exhaustion away
  • Living proof Children's Miracle Network Hospitals make the difference
  • Ms. Schwab benefits from total knee replacement
  • Teen regains strength through Gundersen Boscobel
  • Healthy Living Center brings together the best of Gundersen, YMCA and the community
  • Welcome Moundview!
  • Specialty care, right in Decorah
  • Six months to a slimmer summer
  • Confused about when to get your next Pap test?
  • Need help paying your medical bills at Gundersen St. Joseph's?
  • We are Gundersen
  • Walk-in clinic expands access to care
  • Helping young athletes stay in the game
  • Foot pain? Gundersen Tri-County has relief
  • The right wound care, right in Viroqua
  • Get the happiness you deserve with improved mental health
  • Boscobel Clinic physician enjoys getting to know patients and families
  • Eat local. Fresh from the Palmer garden
  • An AED just may be the life of the party
  • 'Tis the season: Get a flu shot - for yourself and those you love
  • Focused on eyewear
  • 3 myths about your metabolism
  • Supporting patients beyond the exam room
  • 5 things to do to stay healthy this winter
  • Healthy products for a healthier you

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Summer 2017 issue

Gundersen Magazine Summer 2017 issue
  • Pediatric stroke patient happy, healthy
  • Gundersen St. Joe's offers direct access to physical therapy care
  • Family LEAP Program teaches healthy habits to last a lifetime
  • Cardiac Rehab gets to the heart of care
  • Meaningful care and therapy…with popcorn
  • Quick, convenient care for an uncommon diagnosis
  • Team approach gives Whitehall business owner another chance in life
  • Close to home
  • Small-town medicine provides big-time benefits
  • Daily weigh-ins can weigh heavy on your progress
  • Finding the right care for you and your family
  • Tackling the diabetes epidemic
  • Ripples matter
  • New services save miles for patients at Gundersen Sparta Clinic
  • Working together on your health and wellness goals
  • Back to her roots
  • It's our anniversary!
  • Personalized care for diabetes
  • Surgery close to home
  • Orthopedics outreach restores independence
  • A magnetic treatment for heartburn
  • 5 homemade foods that are better than store-bought
  • Is radon a risk?
  • Benefits of drinking plain water

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Spring 2017 issue

Fall 2016 issue

Summer 2016 issue

Gundersen Magazine Summer 2016 issue
  • Beyond our walls for healthy, strong communities
  • Lupus patient contributes to research for improved treatments
  • Springing back after trampoline injury
  • Heartfelt thanks: Caledonia man owes his life to caring team
  • A dream come true for the Wagner family
  • Ready for a fresh start
  • Personal safety: Help kids become smart, not scared
  • Taking to the skies to deliver Love + Medicine
  • Gaining control over movement disorders
  • Normalizing 'Essential' care for reproductive health
  • Raising healthy, safe teens
  • Try compression socks to solve your everyday leg problems

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Fall 2015 issue

Gundersen Magazine Fall 2015 issue
  • It's back: Laughing gas for labor pain
  • Gundersen launches new Integrative Medicine Center
  • New Menopause Clinic is helping women find answers
  • Be a partner in your child's online life
  • Exercise + physical activity: The best recipe for improved health
  • Vaccinations aren't just for kids
  • 'Micro surgery' offers back pain relief
  • Self-Care Plan puts you in control of joint pain
  • Creating a healthy holiday season
  • Get the most out of your grains
  • Telemedicine offers convenient access to specialists

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Summer 2015 issue

Gundersen Magazine Summer 2015 issue
  • Teamwork tackles 'Brain Leak' diagnosis and treatment
  • It's time to break the stigma of mental illness
  • Screening catches De Soto woman's early stage lung cancer
  • Reassurance after a child's first seizure
  • Quality of life is new geriatric clinic's mission
  • Set screen time limits for your kids
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery by the numbers
  • The transformation of Danielle Lamb
  • Are you ready to be a healthier, more active family?
  • Love your mouth for whole-body health
  • Tapping into one of nature's best-kept secrets

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