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Published on November 03, 2015

What's the difference: breast augmentation vs. breast lift?

If you're not happy with the size, shape or firmness of your breasts, or if your breasts are a source of discomfort, consider breast augmentation or breast lift. But what's the difference?

Breast augmentation or enlargement is a procedure to change the size or shape of the breasts. There are various reasons for breast augmentation including differences in the size of breasts, changes after pregnancy or breastfeeding, or the desire for larger breasts. We offer saline or gel-filled implants.

A breast lift or mastopexy, may be appropriate if pregnancy, breastfeeding and/or normal aging has caused stretched skin, sagging and loose breasts, and decreased breast volume. It involves removing excess skin that causes the breast to droop or sag, and repositioning the areola and nipple. With a breast lift, there's no change in the volume of the breast; however, some women may opt for a breast enlargement when they have a breast lift.

We also offer breast reduction if you have very large breasts causing chronic pain or rashes, cosmetic problems, unwelcome attention or inability to participate in sports.

At Gundersen, any breast plastic surgery starts with a confidential consultation with a Gundersen plastic surgeon. You'll discuss your issue and your expectations about how you'll look and feel.

For more information about breast surgery or to schedule a confidential consultation, call Gundersen Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics at (608) 775-1943.

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