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Summer activities for kids during a pandemic



Summer 2020 is looking a little bit different than years past. Pools are closed, activities are limited and group activities are not recommended. How do you help your kids experience the summer fun during this uncertain time?

Create a backyard oasis

If you have a backyard and a hose, you can create your own pool party! You don't need a big pool to have fun. Pull out your garden sprinkler or that small kiddie pool. Put on your swimming suits (adults too!), turn on your favorite music and have a little bit of backyard fun. Run through the sprinkler or lounge in the pool. There is something about being around a little bit of water that makes it feel like summer.

Go for a hike

Lather on the sunscreen, bug spray and hiking shoes and you are ready to hit the trails! Explore walking, hiking or biking trails in your area. This is a great way to reconnect with nature and experience the world around you. A great activity for the whole family!

Go for a bike ride

Take the whole family and head out for an afternoon bike ride. Scope out the local trails, pack a few snacks, plenty of water and sunscreen and make a day of a fun ride!

Picnic in the park

Make lunch a little extra special. Pack a lunch in your picnic basket and head out to the park. Lay down a blanket and bring a frisbee or ball to play catch. Spend some time enjoying your meal and spending time together outside as a family.

Drive-in movies

Search your area for drive-in movies. This is a great way to experience a bit of summer fun! Bring your blankets and your snacks to relax under the stars watching a fun film.

Go camping

Camping is a fun activity for kids of all ages! Campfires, s'mores, hiking and sleeping under the stars. What's not to love? Pitch a tent (even if it's in your backyard!) and have a family camp-out.

Plant a garden

Gardening is a fun way for kids to learn about plants and how they grow. You can plant seeds or purchase seedlings or flowers from a nursey to start your own garden. Watch your flowers or vegetables bloom and blossom!

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