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5 questions to ask before a cosmetic laser treatment

woman getting laser treatment
5 questions to ask before a cosmetic laser treatment


Before committing to a laser treatment—or any cosmetic service—there are some questions worth discussing with your skincare specialist to ensure it's the best next step toward your beauty goals. Here are some of the most important ones Gundersen's skincare specialists encourage you to ask before undergoing treatment.

1. What cosmetic laser treatment is best for my skin?
When it comes to cosmetic laser treatments, different lasers address different skin issues. Having a consultation with a skincare specialist before your treatment is the recommended way to narrow your options and choose a service that's suited to your skin's needs.

2. How effective are cosmetic laser treatments?
While cosmetic laser treatments can significantly rejuvenate skin, they can't undo years of damage in an instant. More than one treatment session is often needed, and, even then, some issues won't be eliminated completely. It's important to know what's possible from the start.

3. How much downtime is required?
As part of the rejuvenation process, cosmetic lasers can temporarily cause skin to become red or peel. Checking your calendar before scheduling your treatment will help make sure you have enough time to recover afterward without worrying about upcoming social events.

4. How do I care for my skin after a cosmetic laser treatment?
Your skincare specialist will go over specifics with you based on your treatment, but committing to wearing sunscreen every day is one of the most important post-treatment habits to form no matter what type of cosmetic laser service you receive.

5. Who will perform my cosmetic laser treatment?
At Gundersen, you can expect to receive your cosmetic laser treatment from a highly skilled and trained skincare specialist—all within the safety and privacy of a respected medical facility. A skincare consultation beforehand gives you the opportunity to get to know your provider first, as well as ask these questions and any others you may have.

Ready to explore cosmetic laser treatment options? Schedule a consultation today.

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