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Published on March 28, 2018

treat yourself without treats-spa day

Treat yourself without the sweets

 6 ways to indulge without food

"I deserve this" or "you earned it" are examples of phrases we use when indulging in our favorite treat.

Rewarding yourself for working hard and eating rich foods that you enjoy from time to time are both perfectly acceptable things to do. It can become a problem though when you always reward yourself with food. Rich food can be enjoyed without "earning it" or "deserving it" and victories can be celebrated without food. Here are some great ideas of how to treat yourself without the sweets.

  1. Pamper yourself: Treat yourself to a massage, facial, or a new hairstyle.
  2. Relax: Set aside time to do what you enjoy without worrying about your to-do list. For example, allow yourself to spend an afternoon reading your favorite book or sign up for a yoga retreat.
  3. Celebrate with friends: Get together with friends for a movie, dance party or spa day.
  4. Try something new: Sign up for a class on something you've always wanted to try or invest in equipment to start a new hobby.
  5. Take a trip: Plan a weekend getaway to see a friend or a trip around the world.
  6. Buy yourself a gift: This could be as simple as a bouquet of flowers or a candle or as grand as new piece of jewelry.
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