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4 things to help you quit dieting for good

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4 things to help you quit dieting for good

Most people have been on a diet, and some are on a continuous one. It's madness because you and I both know that diets do not work for the long term. Diets, however, may serve a purpose if you learn something about yourself along the way. Here are some things to do for yourself today to stop the madness and start living and eating for your health and well-being.

  1. Be observant: How are you feeling after you eat an entire pizza, four gluten-free brownies, a monstrous cookie, anything in excess? More than likely you feel ashamed for eating that much. Your stomach is probably speaking in tongues, your eyelids are heavy, and your body feels sluggish. So I want to challenge you to avoid these feelings. Adjust your portions so you don't have to experience these awful feelings. Be observant of why you're eating as well. Are you eating because your body needs fuel or because you're bored or stressed? Eat for hunger and to fuel your activities rather than to soothe your insecurities, stress or boredom.
  2. 80/20: There is no such thing as "good" or "bad" foods. Instead, there are foods you should pick more often and some you should reach for less often. We all love treats, but a treat is something that happens on occasion, not every day. Also, if we treat ourselves often, that treat loses its luster. Keep those treats special, and fuel your body with wholesome foods most of the time.
  3. Respect your body: Your body is resilient. It can do so much, like heal your wounds, play, carry babies (women only), lose and gain weight, survive in severe famine, accomplish tasks and deep thoughts, and so much more. Why aren't you treating and feeding yourself to accomplish these things and respecting this truly awesome body you have?
  4. Surround yourself with encouragers: Imagine you are a driver of a bus and you get to choose who rides on your bus. Now the first couple rows are the loudest and those people who get to sit in the back you can't hear very well. Make sure those people in your first couple rows are encouragers and positive influences that keep your thoughts healthy. You might have a family member or an in-law that needs to be on your bus, but you can have them sit toward the back so their voice isn't right behind your ear. Spend your time with and listen to those that help you be a better version of yourself.
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