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Published on September 09, 2015

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3 reasons you won't (but should) listen to a dietitian

Dietitians may be the nutrition experts but you might not want to hear their advice because...

  1. They don't promote fads. If you want to go on a juice fast or follow a 10-day detox or eat gluten free to lose weight, a registered dietitian won't endorse it. If you want to cleanse or fast or eat copious amounts of protein while cutting out carbs, a dietitian won't endorse that either.
  2. They don't push supplements. That great new pill that will "shrink fat cells" and help "melt away the pounds" won't get much welcome if you bring it up with a dietitian. Instead, you will likely be told about the risks compared to benefits, the likelihood that the product will have a placebo effect (i.e. you believe it will work and thus it does) and the benefits of a balanced diet and exercise plan.
  3. They won't tell you what you want to hear. Dietitians aren't the people you want to get advice from if you simply want someone to condone your current eating habits. You want to meticulously count calories or carbs or points and you want the RD's help? They may show you a new way of looking at food based on hunger and fullness cues, health and steer you toward intuitive eating principles instead.

Registered dietitians aren't hip or cool or popular. Because of their strong background in science and biology, they can spot a fad or quick-fix in an instant, making them the pariah around diet talk. They won't condone the crazy concoction you're drinking or give you the go-ahead to purchase weight-loss products from your friend's new multi-level marketing business. But...

A registered dietitian can help you learn how to develop a healthier relationship with food. They can show you how liberating it can be to eat all foods without feeling guilty or deprived or restricted. They can open your eyes to a world without dieting. They can help you find your body's natural weight. It isn't always fun, exciting or popular, but if you truly want to embrace a new way of living, talk to a registered dietitian today— or (608) 775-3447.

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