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Published on November 01, 2017

child with lunchbag

10 tips for your gluten-free child at school

It's important for your child's school to know his or her diet restrictions.

  1. Communicate with school nutrition staff to determine what protections are in place to identify and substitute foods containing gluten.
  2. Ask for specifics on how cross contamination will be avoided. 
  3. Talk to your child's teacher regarding what foods he needs to avoid and what alternative food is safe.
  4. Provide gluten-free substitutes for classroom events or, better yet, talk to the teacher about encouraging snacks that are safe for everyone to eat. 
  5. Talk to school staff about classroom materials that need to be monitored or avoided, including envelopes or stickers that need to be licked, play dough, papier mache or any activities using cereal or flour containing gluten. 
  6. Talk to your child about not eating foods from other kids' meals. 
  7. Instill good hand washing and cleaning up practices. 
  8. If you decide to pack a gluten-free lunch from home, develop a gluten free lunch box shopping check list. 
  9. Have your child help you pack the lunch the night before to avoid the morning rush. 
  10. Pack a little extra of your child's favorite gluten-free food to share with a friend to show them gluten-free foods can be delicious and fun to eat!
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