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Oncology Social Workers: Providing comprehensive support that extends beyond the best medicine

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Oncology Social Workers: Providing comprehensive support that extends beyond the best medicine

Providing comprehensive support that extends beyond the best medicine

Throughout your cancer journey at Gundersen, you will interact with many different people. From your oncologist to your nurse and from your pharmacist to the valet parking attendant—not to mention others in between—all will play a role in making sure you receive the support and resources you need for the best possible treatment experience.

Among this team of people are Gundersen's oncology social workers, professionals specially trained to help patients with cancer navigate the many emotions and issues they may face upon their diagnosis and beyond.

At Gundersen, social workers are available—at no cost to you—to help bridge the gap between you and your clinicians, providing access to services and support you may need outside of the best medicine.

How can a social worker help you?

Your social worker can be an invaluable resource throughout your cancer journey, helping you:

  • Access information to better understand your diagnosis and treatments.
  • Cope with the many emotions you may be experiencing.
  • Consider treatment decisions.
  • Understand social security benefits, disability benefits and insurance coverage, and receiving referrals to Social Security or the Aging and Disability Resource Center, as requested
  • Apply for programs that offer financial assistance.
  • Find support groups and referrals for counseling.
  • Talk with your cancer care team, family members, friends or co-workers about your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Find information and resources on complementary medicine, as requested.
  • Secure transportation to and from your medical appointments and temporary housing during your treatment.
  • Establish home health care and hospice care.

Learn more about how an oncology social worker can help you.

To begin working with a social worker at Gundersen or to speak with yours, call (608) 775-3454.

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