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Published on April 13, 2017

halo before and after

Meet Halo - A new first of its kind hybrid laser

To renew your complexion and your spirits this spring, we're introducing the new Sciton® Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser. This amazing hybrid laser targets the top and bottom layers of your skin at the same time. Damaged surface skin is sloughed off in the first few days after treatment while the deeper skin tissue continues to regenerate through the body's natural healing. It's advanced repair for signs of aging, sun damage, uneven skin tone and more. It's great for face, hands, neck and chest. Visible improvements in skin tone and texture can be seen in the first few days and continues for up to six months. There's minimal downtime—just three days or less compared to 10-14 days with more aggressive resurfacing options—but with similar results!

halo before and after

Love + Medicine

Every day, Gundersen Health System staff deliver great medicine plus a little something extra—we call it Love + Medicine.

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