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Published on May 21, 2019

woman sleeping

Importance of sleep

When we are busy sleep might be one of the first things to get pushed aside, however it is important to prioritize sleep! We are much more alert and productive after a good night's rest, plus our body is able to renew itself. Read on to find out why sleep is so important.

Memory & productivity - When you don't get enough sleep, your memory and productivity levels are not at their peak. You will be more prone to making mistakes, become more forgetful and have trouble concentrating.

Immunity - Lack of sleep leads to decreased immune function. If you tend to get sick frequently or when you feel a cold coming on, be sure to get plenty of sleep to help boost your immune system.

Hunger - Sleep deprivation changes the way our bodies process carbohydrates and alters hormones that affect our appetite. Without adequate sleep you may find yourself grabbing snacks loaded with sugar to help keep you awake. We are more likely to make poor food choices when we are sleep deprived.

Mood - Do you ever find yourself being short with someone after a poor night's sleep? When you don't get enough shut-eye your mood will take a toll. You may become irritable or impatient.

Recovery - When you are sleeping your body is relaxed and is using very little energy. This allows blood to travel to your muscles, delivering extra oxygen to your muscles to heal and rejuvenate tissue during sleep. Make sure your hard work pays off by getting enough rest!

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