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Published on November 04, 2020

5 ways to boost your immune system

5 ways to boost your immune system

Your immune system protects your body from harmful things like bacteria and viruses that cause illnesses. To boost your immune system and help you stay healthy year-round, make the following practices part of your normal routine.

  1. Eat whole foods. You've likely heard it before: Food is medicine. Your immune system relies on nutrient-dense whole foods to function well. Get started by cutting back on sugar, which suppresses the immune system, and eating more fruits and vegetables.
  2. Avoid smoking. If you do smoke, consider taking steps to quit or cut back. Smoking can alter the balance of your immune system.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. One of the best things you can do for your immune system is to prioritize sleep, aiming for at least seven hours every night. Your body resets and restores itself when you're snoozing.
  4. Move your body. Exercise helps boost the immune system. However, if you're already feeling under the weather, be careful not to overtrain. Draining yourself when you're already sick can weaken your immune system.
  5. Stay connected. Carve out time to take care of your mental and emotional health. One way to do this is by staying in contact with people you care about. If you can't safely be together in person, reach out to them through a phone call, video chat, email, letter, text message or other ways.
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