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Employees Helping Employees Emergency Fund

Even when your life is on track, sometimes a substantial financial crisis can derail it put added stress on your work, family and health.

For these times of significant personal crisis, Gundersen Medical Foundation has created the Employees Helping Employees Emergency Fund. As the fund's name implies, it is supported by Gundersen employees who donate to help fellow Gundersen employees hit by financial emergencies. The program is designed to help cover costs that an employee may struggle to pay during an emergency, such as housing, utilities, expensive repairs or medical expenses.

Who's eligible? This fund is open to employees who have worked at Gundersen at least six months and work 20 hours a week or more (prior to a furlough, reduction or rotating work adjustment).

How can I help? This program is sustained with the generosity of Gundersen employees. If you'd like to support your coworkers and the Employees Helping Employees Emergency Fund, you can:

Make a gift online Employee payroll deduction form

How do I apply? To apply for a grant from the Employees Helping Employees Emergency Fund, contact Social Services at (608) 775-3454, weekdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You'll meet with a social worker to determine if you're eligible to apply and to help connect you to other available community resources. All applicants will remain anonymous.

Applications for support will be reviewed by an anonymous committee.

Grant application guidelines

For questions, please contact Ashley Zibrowksi, fund allocation manager, at (608) 775-1978.

Clare Thomson

Employees Helping Employees fund was life changing

The Employees Helping Employees Emergency Fund provides grants of up to $1,000 to help employees hit by financial hardships. The grants help people pay emergency costs such as expensive repairs, housing, funeral expenses for a loved one, utility bills or medical payments.

For a grateful recipient, the Employee Helping Employee Emergency Fund was life-changing when she found herself struggling to pay basic living expenses after a difficult divorce.

Read her story

Stephanie Thomas

Help was there when she needed it

Stephanie Thomas, who works in Gundersen's Revenue Cycle-Commercial Insurance Billing and Follow-up, applied for a grant through the Employees Helping Employees Emergency Fund in mid-2018 when her mother passed away unexpectedly.

"Thanks to the generosity of Gundersen employees, I was able to give my mother the burial service she deserved. It was a very emotional time and with this help I was able to grieve instead of worrying about how I was going to afford everything."

"I am so grateful to those who support the Employees Helping Employees fund and to the Foundation for making the fund possible," Stephanie adds. "I am proud to work for an organization where helping each other is part of who we are."

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