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Refer a Patient

(800) 336-5465

or (608) 775-5465

MedLink offers 24/7 access to Gundersen Health System medical staff in every specialty.

  • Consult
  • Transfer a patient
  • Request helicopter or ambulance transportation
  • Schedule a referral appointment for your patient


The specialist on-call will be contacted and within five minutes can help with:
  • Immediate medical consultations
  • Help in confirming diagnoses
  • Referring your patients to the appropriate specialists, specialized testing or procedures

Patient Transfer

When calling for a known or possible transfer, you will be asked the following questions:

  • The patients name and date of birth?
  • Is emergency helicopter or other Gundersen transport needed?

If helicopter transport is needed, Gundersen AIR dispatch will be conferenced to gather necessary information to launch the aircraft.

What service do you need to speak to?

If Gundersen ambulance transport is needed, the information will be relayed to TriState, who will call your facility within 10 minutes.

Patient Transport

Tri-State Ambulance: Lead paramedic will confirm availability and return your call within 10 minutes.

Gundersen AIR: Flight crew will confirm flight status.

Information needed:

  • Patient weight (required if helicopter is needed)
  • Name (if available)
  • Chief complaint
  • Level of care/urgency
  • Medications on board?
  • Vital signs
  • Level of consciousness (alert, disoriented, or unresponsive)
  • O2/Intubated?
  • Special equipment needed?
  • Neonate?
  • Other pertinent information:

You can arrange transportation of your patient to Gundersen Health System or other facilities by calling MedLink. When you call, the MedLink operator will connect you with the all the necessary parties to help you transfer your patient.

Get more information on Gundersen AIR or Tri-State Ambulance.

Schedule a referral appointment

During Clinic hours, you or your staff will be: Conferenced to a scheduling specialist from the requested clinical service to schedule the patient's appointment(s)

After Clinic hours, or if a scheduling specialist is not available, you will be asked:

  • Your contact information
  • Requested clinical service
  • Patient's name, date of birth, and contact information
  • Timeframe in which the patient needs to be seen
  • Condition and/or diagnosis

Your priority message is immediately routed to the clinical department.

Our scheduling specialist contacts the patient directly to schedule the appointment.


Referral to La Crosse Neurosciences (Physician and facilities use ONLY). Any referrals submitted by a patient will not be accepted.

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