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Neurology for Clinicians

How to triage MiND Clinic patients

While there are many common medical causes for patients experiencing a decline in memory, behavioral functioning or cognitive abilities that may be treatable and managed in primary care, sometimes specialized treatment is required in Gundersen's Multi-Disciplinary Neurocognitive Disorders (MiND) Clinic.

Who should be seen at the MiND Clinic?

  • Rapidly progressive dementia (< 6 months)
  • Non-amnestic cognitive impairment
  • Early onset symptoms (age < 65)
  • Dementia with behavioral disturbances (hallucinations, delusions, aggression, impulsivity)
  • Dementia with motor neuron disease (e.g., ALS and FTD)
  • Dementia with a movement disorder (e.g., Parkinsonism, tremor, ataxia)
  • Dementia with suspected genetic cause (autosomal dominant)
  • Other need for clarification of diagnosis or complex management

To make a referral to the MiND Clinic, please complete this form or call MedLink at (800) 336-5465 or (608) 775-5465 (in La Crosse).

All providers within Gundersen can make a referral by calling the MiND Clinic at ext. 59000, or sending a staff message to Neurology RN Purple in Epic.

See complete MiND Clinic triage process

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