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Published on February 16, 2017

New website features easier search for specialty services

Gundersen Health System aims to keep patients as close to home as possible by bringing needed specialty services to rural areas, both in person and through telemedicine. Since Gundersen launched clinical telemedicine in 2005, they have added 35 telemedicine locations throughout Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.

Other features for providers

Gundersen's "For Clinicians and Professionals" page is a great resource as well. It includes links to refer a patient and to access Gundersen's electronic medical records through GHS Link. Lab and Imaging protocols are also available.

See it now

Recently, Gundersen has made it easier for you to find specialty services available in your area. "When we redesigned our website ( this summer, we made sure the site was designed with not only consumers in mind but our referring providers as well," explains Dave Guggenbuehl, Gundersen Regional Services. "Whether we offer cardiology in the Gundersen Decorah Clinic or cancer care at Richland Hospital, we wanted to make sure patients and providers could find where we offer services."

Navigating the site is user-friendly whether you're using your office computer or your phone. On the main page under "Find a Doctor" you can type in a service, physician or location, or select "Advance Search" and see comprehensive listings of services and locations (including telemedicine).

"When you search by location you will also notice that providers are sorted by local clinic, visiting specialist and telemedicine services so you can find the type of service your patient needs in a more efficient manner," Dave says. "Previously all providers who offered services at a location were all grouped together, making it difficult to know who offered primary care services and who provided specialty or telemedicine services. We hope these improvements help you find the specialty care your patients need more efficiently."

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