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Patient Simulators & Equipment

  • HPS - The Human Patient Simulator (HPS) from METI is a top-of-the-line, fully automatic, high-fidelity patient simulator for training in anesthesia, respiratory and critical care areas. It was specifically designed with nursing, respiratory therapy and emergency medical students in mind. HPS is the only patient simulator with the ability to provide respiratory gas exchange, anesthesia delivery and patient monitoring with real physiological clinical monitors. Watch the video
  • iStan – A wireless simulator capable of producing automatic physiological response to therapeutic interventions. Watch the video
  • Lucina - Birthing simulator. Watch the video
  • Newborn HAL® - A 40 week tetherless newborn with breathing, pulses, color and vital signs that are responsive to hypoxic events and interventions. Also includes trending, crying, convulsions, oral and nasal intubation, airway sounds and extra tablet PC for control. Watch the video
  • Noelle® - A full size, wireless, maternal and neonatal birthing simulator. Watch the video
  • Pediatric Hal (Hank) - Watch the video
  • Premature Anne - Premature Anne™ is designed to facilitate realistic neonatal resuscitation training of healthcare professionals for babies at the limits of viability during the first 10 critical minutes after birth. Watch the video
  • SimJunior® - Developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, this representation of a 6-year-old child can emulate a variety of pediatric conditions. Watch the video
  • TraumaChild System - Watch the video
  • TraumaMan System - The most widely used surgical simulator in the world which allows students to practice advanced surgical procedures. Watch the video
  • NG/Trach Trainer – NG tube and tracheal simulators.
  • CentraLineMan – Central line trainer.
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