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Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown, MD

Specialties: Resident and Family Medicine
No Patient Experience Reviews – Why Not?

Gundersen Health System requires a minimum of 30 completed patient surveys in a 12-month period for each clinician before posting a clinician’s rating. Industry best practice is clear that more data provides a more accurate picture of the patient experience.

Main Location

  • La Crosse Campus

    1900 South Avenue La Crosse, WI 54601

    • Office Phone: (608) 775-0375


Personal Interests

Sarah Brown, MD, grew up in Brookfield, Wis. in a large multiracial family. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Studies at the University of Minnesota. She traveled to Bangladesh to work with a nonprofit, Action Aid, before moving to Madison to work as a bilingual family outreach worker with Dane County Parent Council. She completed a five-year dual MD-MPH program at UWSMPH. Sarah has strong interests in community health, preventive medicine, primary care innovation, community-based participatory research, the reduction of health disparities and food equity. Sarah loves spending time with her husband, Trevor, their son, Elian, and their dog, Asia Minor. Their family interests include cooking, sourdough baking, vegetable fermentation, gardening, collaborative painting, children’s literature, camping, snowshoeing and bicycling.

Education and Training

Gundersen Medical Foundation

Published Works

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