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Published on May 01, 2020

how to avoid quarantine fatigue

How to avoid quarantine fatigue

If you are desperate for a little structure, you are not alone. Many who are fortunate enough to stay home during this crisis have been busy establishing work-life boundaries, maintaining an exercise routine and staying in touch with friends and family. While these are all great ways to break up the monotony of sheltering in place, it is also possible to schedule new activities into your daily routine.

Hit the road. Most shelter-in-place orders still allow you to leave the house for exercise. Exploring local biking routes might inspire you to discover new commute options to take post COVID-19 or new trails for enjoyment.

Become your own in-house chef. Have you always been too intimidated to try one of those weird bean dessert recipes? It can be intimidating to change up your diet. Now may be the perfect time to get curious in the kitchen and explore one or two new recipes. This doesn't have to mean going to the store for special ingredients. Get creative with what's in your pantry!

Spring-clean and organize. You don't need to tackle your entire home. Choose one closet, an area (like the garage or kitchen) or even the spice cupboard. Take notice of the clothes you haven't worn in months, knick-knacks just collecting dust, old electronics shoved into the back of the closet and decide what can get donated. Put what you don't want in a box for now, and in the meantime research ways to sell, donate or recycle them once you are able to.

Tackle repair projects. Now that you've identified what you want to keep, make sure your item gets a long, full life by repairing it. Does your favorite sweater have a hole in it? Sew it up. Did you break the handle off your coffee mug? Reattach it with superglue. Now might be the time to finally hang that picture leaning against the wall or to refresh the photos in your picture frames.

Get outdoors. Visit a national park for free or discover a new trail. Make sure you stay six feet away from other people, keep up your handwashing and don't crowd popular park. Be sure to check park availability and hours before heading out.

Take a drive. It's still relaxing to escape for a drive. No destination is needed. Just enjoy some time together in the car.

Play a game or have a dance party. Enjoy the people around you and find a game you will all enjoy. If no one can agree on a game, put on some upbeat music and dance! There may never be a time when you can invest so much time with family.

Chat with a friend. Call, text, email or video chat with your friends and family. Just because you're socially distancing doesn't mean that you can't connect.

Find something different each day to avoid boredom and feelings of fatigue from doing the same thing each day. Schedule in fun activities so that you are sure to get out and do them. Think about all the memories you can create during this time, you'll remember them!

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