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Pharmacy Technician Trainee - Paid & Benefits

Pharmacy Technician Trainee - Paid & Benefits
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La Crosse, WI 54601

Posted 1 week 2 days ago

Love + medicine is who we are, it's what we do, it's why people want to work here. If you’re looking for a job to love, apply today.

Schedule Weekly Hours:


Interested in a career in the medical field but not sure where to start? Seeking to support health care delivery in a role other than direct patient care? How about becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician!?

This 12-week training opportunity comes with full pay and benefits while trainees go through our in-house, accredited training program to gain the knowledge and hands on skills to prepare and sit for the national pharmacy technician certification exam. Satisfactory completion of the trainee program and attaining certification will allow movement up into a permanent Certified Pharmacy Technician position with Gundersen!

Gundersen Health system is accepting applications for our summer 2023 trainee cohort, which is anticipated to start in late July. Application review and interviews will begin in May. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply today!


This is a full time role (scheduled for 40 hours/week) with shifts including Day, PM and rotating weekend hours. Work locations will include West Salem, La Crosse, and Onalaska.

Job Description:

Pharmacy Technician Trainee is actively participating in the Pharmacy Technician training program, meeting all requirements of the program. After completion of the program the Trainee will staff under the supervision of a pharmacist, with limited responsibilities in the area of practice designated by the Clinical Manager. Responsibilities will be applicable to assigned area of practice. This is a temporary role that will last up to 10 months.

Major Responsibilities:
1. Provides customer service to both patients and Gundersen Health System staff, including triaging of phone calls.
2. Answer and triage phone calls.
3. Operate Point of Sale system.
4. Monitoring and filing of paperwork as directed by next level staff and/or next level leaders.
5. Repacking of medications from bulk to unit dose.
6. Perform stocking of inventory.
7. Dispense and delivers medications within a timely manner.
8. Remove medications that are discontinued or expired from the units and return to the pharmacy.
9. Completes automation replenishments following medication management expectations.
10. Complete mail management for Mail-Out programs.
11. Complete pharmacy requisitions.

Education and Learning:
High School Diploma or equivalency + completion of Math and English competency

Age Specific Population Served:
Nonage Specific (N/A)

OSHA Category:
Category II - Some (but not all) employees in this job title may have a reasonably anticipated risk of occupational exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials, usually by location or specific departments.

Environmental Conditions:
Subject to hazards.

Physical Requirements/Demands Of The Position:
Walking/Standing Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
Stooping/Bending Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Squatting Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Kneeling/Half Kneel Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Reaching - Shoulder Level Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Reaching - Below Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Reaching - Above Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Lifting - Floor to Waist Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 25-50
Lifting - Waist to Overhead Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 25-50
Lifting - Other Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 25-50
Carrying - Short Carry Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 25-50
Push/Pull (Static Force) Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 25-50 #EMERGENCYCAREERS

If you need assistance with any portion of the application or have questions about the position, please contact [email protected] or call 608-775-0267

Equal Opportunity Employer

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1900 South Ave.
La Crosse, WI 54601

(608) 782-7300

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