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Moundview Paramedic Casual

Moundview Paramedic Casual
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Friendship, WI 53934

Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Part time

Love + medicine is who we are, it's what we do, it's why people want to work here. If you’re looking for a job to love, apply today.

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Job Description:

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Job Description

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Emergency Department

Position Code:


Reports To:

Emergency Department Manager


The Paramedic, under the direction of the Emergency Department Manager and the Registered Nurse on duty, will assist in providing quality care directly and indirectly while adhering to the hospitals philosophy and objectives to meet the health care needs of the patients and families and will maintain a clean, stocked and orderly work and patient care environment. The position requires intimate knowledge of both department and hospital policies and procedures relevant to delivery of patient care. The ability to communicate information in a friendly and effective manner is essential. Act as a liaison between the patient’s family/significant other and the members of the emergency staff by maintaining open communication regarding patient condition, status, progress, etc. Work cohesively with all team members to assure service recovery and conflict management. The Paramedic will provide care within the Gundersen Moundview Paramedic Protocol and scope of practice, in addition to the duties listed below.


Assisting with patient across all age groups Efficiently preforms in patient situations following established protocols. Administers medications (as identified in Wisconsin EMS Scope of Practice) including oral, intramuscular, intradermal, intravenous, subcutaneous, aerosolized/nebulized, auto-injector, buccal, endotracheal, intranasal, interosseous, IV-pump (2 or fewer medications infused from paramedic list), rectal, or sublingual. Administers medications within their scope of practice (Wisconsin Paramedic Curriculum-Based Medication List) after successful completion of department specific competency. Paramedic will assess patient after administration of medication for hemodynamic response, side effects, and allergic reactions Assist patient into gown as appropriate. Takes Vital signs and records. Measures and records patients input and output. Attaches oxygen, oxygen saturation and cardiac monitor as requested/needed. Assists with tests/procedures as requested or directed by Register Nurse, Mid-level provider, or Physician. Collects and conveys information to RN and physician regarding the health status of patients throughout the visit.   Contributes information to the RN for development and modification of the patients care plan. Will keep patients informed of their treatment plan and will assist the RN in delivering and documenting care provided to the patient. Triage patients using appropriate triage protocols, enter triage order sets based on chief complaint. Transport patients to and from other department within the facility with appropriate monitoring. Reports defective/broken equipment to appropriate department for repair according to protocol. Assists with cleaning patient rooms. Maintains supplies and checks equipment in all ED rooms, acting when possible. Follow up on unresolved issues with appropriate person (i.e. RN, maintenance, EVS, Biomed, etc.) Stabilizes and extricates injured patients from vehicles at emergency department entrance. Assists patients to and from vehicles and the emergency department. Assist in directing patient flow and traffic in the triage/reception area. Clean and dress wounds. Set up and assist with procedures as directed (i.e. sutures, splint placement, casting, etc.). Phlebotomy skills, performing basic laboratory procedures, wound cultures, Point of Care testing, 12 lead EKG skills, EKG interpretation and subsequent interventions such as automated, semi-automated, and manual defibrillation. Transcutaneous pacing, and electrical and chemical cardioversion. Gastric decompression (NG/OG) placement and maintenance Initiates lifesaving measures as needed, i.e., opening an airway, ventilation using bag valve mask, hemorrhage control, chest compressions, stabilization of fracture, cervical spine alignment, etc. Airway management, including nasopharyngeal, non-visualized oropharyngeal, nebulizer, suction upper airway, suction tracheal bronchial, and Valsalva Maneuver. Ventilator management, variable settings, automated transport ventilator, Bi-Pap Set up and operate rapid infuser Hemorrhage control including direct pressure, hemostatic agents, pressure point skin clamp, and tourniquet Operation of emergency room IV pumps Preform procedures common to Emergency Department (i.e. splitting, casting, dressings, wound care, Foley catheter insertion, suctioning, irrigation with Morgan lens, wound prep, suture or staple removal, throat and nasopharyngeal cultures, visual acuity, etc.) Blood and blood products administration and monitoring Monitoring device application and monitoring (i.e. cardiac monitor, pulse oximetry, end title CO2, temperature, blood pressure, weight, point of care testing) Application of restraints Resuscitative procedures: preform CPR, assist with chest tubes insertion and monitoring, thoracentesis, pericardiocentesis, central venous access device insertion, defibrillation, and external pacing. Must have key board skills for efficient data entry, navigate electronic medical record Skilled in medical terminology Basic computer kills Attends meetings and in-service as required by department policy and participates in continuous Quality Improvement projects Perform other job-related duties within the scope of practice approved by Gundersen Health Systems Assisting with patient/family education

  • Implement appropriate education to meet patient and family needs AFTER consultation with the RN, Mid-level provider or Physician.
  • In general, update patient and family on status of their care in the Emergency Department, answer questions as able or refer question to RN, Mid-level, or Physician.

Maintain communication with health care team member, patient and family Documenting Patient care provided and other activities

  • Documenting data and care provided in a timely manner in the patient electronic medical record (i.e. vitals signs, test preformed, treatment, IV starts/discontinued, administration of medications).
  • Enter appropriate information into Emergency department log (i.e. fluid warmer checks, defibrillation checks, etc.)
  • Document information received when taking patient related phone calls (i.e. transfer coming from walk in, nursing home, or EMS).

Utilizing the computer system

  • Check email regularly or to stay up to date on department communication
  • Access and print policies as needed.

He/she demonstrates effective organizational skills with an ability to prioritize responsibilities efficiently in a rapidly changing work environment. Participates and supports education of nursing colleagues and students


Age Specific Population Served:

Pediatric (1 - 12 years)

Adolescent (13 - 17 years)

Adult (18 - 64 years)

Geriatric (65 years & older)

Infant (less than 1 year)

OSHA Category

Category I - All Employees in this job title have a reasonably anticipated risk of occupational exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials.


Education and Learning:


Completion of accredited Paramedic Science program.


National Registry preferred

Work Experience:




Previous experience as an EMT, paramedic, or in other related fields preferred

License and Certifications:


Current WI Paramedic licensure required. BLS, PALS, ACLS preferred, and annual recertification

Reasoning/Decision Making

Must be flexible
Must be professional, honest and have personal integrity
Must be self-directed
Must be decisive
Must participate in and support professional organizations
Appreciates people whose values, goals, and cultures are different from your own
Develops additional knowledge by attending workshops and seminars


Communicates with ease on a professional level
Must have excellent oral and written communication skills

General - All Positions

Work cooperatively with a wide variety of people
Must have a professional attitude in regard to motivation, cooperation, flexibility, confidentiality, ethics and personal development
Perceives and respond sensitively to the needs of others
Use listening skills to identify important information in oral communication

Computer Systems/Software/Applications

Microsoft Office Products, Adobe, Patient Record Systems, and other similar applications.


Sitting Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Walking/Standing Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
Stooping/Bending Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Squatting Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Kneeling/Half Kneel Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Reaching - Shoulder Level Continually (67-100% or 8 hours)
Reaching - Below Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Reaching - Above Shoulder Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours)
Repetitive Actions - Pinch Forces Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Pounds of force 0-25
Repetitive Actions - Grip Forces Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Pounds of force 0-25
Repetitive Actions - Fine Manipulation Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
Balance - Right Leg Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Balance - Left Leg Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
Lifting - Other Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 0-25
Carrying - Short Carry Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 0-25
Push/Pull (Static Force) Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 0-25


Subject to inside environmental conditions.

Exposed to infectious diseases.

If you need assistance with any portion of the application or have questions about the position, please contact the recruiter listed below:

Primary Recruiter:

Steve Crager

Recruiter Email Address:

[email protected]

Equal Opportunity Employer

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