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Dietary Aide- Casual

Dietary Aide- Casual
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Spring Grove, MN 55974

Posted 4 weeks ago
Part time

Love + medicine is who we are, it's what we do, it's why people want to work here. If you’re looking for a job to love, apply today.

Scheduled Weekly Hours:


Looking for a casual diet aide- would be a good fit for a high school student! Great opportunity to earn some extra money!

Job Description:

Job Profile Summary

Performs routine foodservice activities related to food preparation, set-up, delivery and clean up. Participates in cash handling duties. Maintains cleanliness of foodservice facilities. Provides prompts and courteous customer service.

Job Description

Major Responsibilities:

1. Assists with food preparation and set-up. Labels, date and store food items as appropriate.

2. Processes patients meal orders, assembles meal trays for patients.

3. Follows proper portioning and safe food handling.

4. Clean and sanitizes counters and equipment; wash pots, pans, dishes and trays.

5. Assists with delivery of food to assigned areas.

6. Operates and maintains a variety of standard kitchen equipment; reports faulty equipment as necessary.

7. Performs cash and charge transactions.

8. Follows departmental and organization policies and procedures in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

9. Knowledge and practice of good personal hygiene.

10. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Education and Learning:

REQUIRED High School Diploma or equivalency or current student status with future proof of graduation or equivalency required within four years of hire date.

Work Experience:

REQUIRED No experience required.

DESIRED 6 months foodservice experience

License and Certifications:


DESIRED Servsafe Certification (SERVSAFE)

Valid Driver's License (DL)

Age Specific Population Served:

Infant (less than 1 year) Pediatric (1 - 12 years) Adolescent (13 - 17 years) Adult (18 - 64 years) Geriatric (65 years & older)

OSHA Category:

Category III - No employees in this job title have a reasonably anticipated risk of occupational exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials.

Environmental Conditions:

Subject to inside environmental conditions.

Subject to both inside and outside environmental conditions.

Required to function in narrow aisles or passageways.

Subject to extreme heat.

Subject to noise.

Subject to extreme cold.

Physical Requirements/Demands Of The Position:

Static Standing Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)

Walking/Standing Continually (67-100% or 8 hours)

Stooping/Bending Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)

Squatting Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours)

Kneeling/Half Kneel Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours)

Reaching - Shoulder Level Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)

Reaching - Below Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)

Reaching - Above Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)

Repetitive Actions - Pinch Forces Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Pounds of force 25-50

Repetitive Actions - Grip Forces Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Pounds of force 0-25

Lifting - Floor to Waist Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 25-50

Lifting - Waist to Overhead Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 0-25

Lifting - Other Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs 25-50

Carrying - Short Carry Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Number of lbs 0-25

Carrying - Right Carry Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Number of lbs 0-25

Carrying - Left Carry Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Number of lbs 0-25

Push/Pull (Static Force) Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Number of lbs 0-25

If you need assistance with any portion of the application or have questions about the position, please contact the recruiter listed below:

Primary Recruiter:

Becki Murphy

Recruiter Email Address:

[email protected]

Equal Opportunity Employer

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