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Published on April 03, 2018

Community Disaster Response Drill held April 14

Gundersen Boscobel Hospital and Clinics and Boscobel Care and Rehab coordinated and led a community disaster response drill on Saturday, April 14.

The drill scenario included a simulated fire on Boscobel Care and Rehab’s property at 207 Parker Street. Members of the Boscobel Volunteer Fire Department, Boscobel EMS, Boscobel Police Department and Grant County Health Department participated in the drill.  Also, Boscobel High School students and residents from Fennimore were actors during the drill to simulate patients and visitors who needed to be evacuated to a safe zone.

This simulated incident was expected to last approximately two hours. It delivered extensive training; provided opportunities for all involved to practice and refine disaster response skills and helped ensure local disaster preparedness and readiness in the event of a major emergency. The drill included emergency planning and reviews with all agencies that respond to emergencies in the Boscobel area.

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