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Published on July 20, 2017

Hospital Foundation funds BpTRU monitors for clinics

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New BpTRU Automated Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor

The Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics Foundation is always hard at work, helping to fund technology and innovation at Gundersen Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics, and this summer has been no different.

Most recently, the Foundation purchased BpTRU Automated Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitors for two of Gundersen Boscobel's clinics. The BpTRU is known for its reliability, accuracy and ease of use.

Testing blood pressures is one of the clinics' regular functions. This new machine has one-touch operation, and provides accurate and reliable blood pressure results. It is also designed to withstand heavy use, as will be the case in the clinics.

The importance of this new technology is quite significant. With blood pressure readings, the first reading that is taken is not always 100% accurate. However, it would be impractical to take multiple readings on every patient. The BpTRU solves this problem. All at once, it takes six separate measurements, discards the first, and averages the remaining five, producing a much more accurate, "true" blood pressure reading.

According to statistics, "The use of a single measurement to define a patient's blood pressure would over diagnose hypertension in twenty to thirty percent of the population and miss a third who are truly hypertensive," states BpTRU Medical Devices, Ltd. But the simple reality in a small town environment is that, while latest, greatest technology often exists, it is not always affordable.

In Boscobel, the vibrancy of the Foundation often helps to bridge the gap between technology that is needed to maintain our high standared of care given to all patients, but has a high pricetag. "We are excited to have our patient care staff gain access to this new technology. It is going to truly allow us to better care for our patients," Deb concludes.

The Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics Foundation supports local healthcare through equipment purchases, staff training and programming. Each purchase or project helps ensure the highest level of care is received at Gundersen Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics.

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