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Published on October 19, 2017

Boscobel Hospital Foundation donations make impact

Rehab Services Director Robyn Moritz demonstrates the Biodex Balance System

Rehab Services Director Robyn Moritz demonstrates the Biodex Balance System.

Through generous donations, the Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics (BAHC) Foundation recently purchased the Biodex Balance System for the Gundersen Boscobel Hospital Rehab Department. The Biodex Balance System is for static and dynamic balance testing and training. The unit's purpose is to make assessments based on a patient's balance, then devise a plan to improve those scores. It is for all patients—from athletes to older adults. "The Biodex will improve balance, increase agility and develop muscle tone, and also offers a broad range of treatment options," explains Rehab Director Robyn Moritz.

The unit offers 12 levels of platform control. It allows stabilization exercise, range of motion and weight shift exercises. "All test results and training sessions can be stored and printed. Comparisons help communicate needs, progress and outcomes," Moritz continues. "These reports often ease insurance reimbursement for the rehab services and age based data is also provided for various patient populations so comparisons can easily be made.

To use the Biodex Balance System, patients stand on the platform and are given visual and audio prompts about what balancing skills they should attempt. Recently, as part of the celebration of National Physical Therapy (PT) month, the Biodex was placed in the cafeteria for staff to try it. There was a competition of sorts, with the winning scores receiving prices. "It was much more difficult than I expected," stated Connie Krohn of Rehab Services. "I always thought I had good balance, but this was really a challenge."

Unlike some equipment, the Biodex helps assess and treat nine different areas of diagnoses. "From fall risk screening and conditioning, to senior rehab, to sports medicine, to concussion management, patients with a wide variety of diagnoses can benefit from using the Biodex, Moritz concludes. "It is a great resource to have in the Rehab Department."

"Technology is expensive, and equipment like the Biodex often comes with a large pricetag," explains Moritz. "We were fortunate to have the Foundation's financial support to make this  purchase and improve patient care." Foundation Director Eric Swan agreed, "We are proud of the work the Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics Foundation is doing to support local healthcare and the further development of the services provided at Gundersen Boscobel."

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