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Published on September 28, 2017

Gundersen Boscobel's Bluff Street Terrace hosts first "official" event

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Gundersen Boscobel hosts events—both internal and community—on the outdoor concrete space with columns north of the hospital…outside the Administration entrance…on Bluff St…… near the conference room with all of the windows. Even though the space has existed for years and is frequently used for events, describing it is always a challenge, and requires several descriptive sentences…and there's often still confusion.

A few months ago, a project was undertaken to change that. It was decided that the outdoor space-in-question on Bluff St. would finally receive a much-deserved name. Employees were polled with three final options in our "Naming of the Space" query; votes were tallied and a sign was secretly ordered. On Wednesday, September 13, at long last, the outdoor space deserved a fitting name: Bluff Street Terrace.

Employees were invited for a brief unveiling of the new sign and decorated space and provided lemonade and watermelon in celebration of the event. The weather was perfect: 80 degrees and sunny, but perfectly comfortable under in the shade provided by the Terrace. "Giving it a name is so simple, yet long overdue," commented Rita Ferrie, Director of Radiology and long-time employee.

With its new name, there is intention to use this space more and more for community events. "It is an ideal place to host events. It is a both a gateway from the hospital to the community and also a nice, relaxing, peaceful place for employees to have lunch or meetings outdoors," agreed Director of Community Relations Eric Swan. "And now with a name, there will be less confusion as well."

Just hours after the "Unveiling," the September Weekday Boscobel Farmer's Market was held on the newly named Bluff Street Terrace. The fourth in the Summer 2017 series continued to prove a success as shoppers came out to find potatoes, tomatoes, onions and other fall produce and other goods. Entertainment this month was provided by Ray Saint and a strong contingency from Boscobel Academy of Martial Arts who provided a demonstration on Bluff St. "Ray's students never disappoint," Swan continued. "The highlight of my night was when one high-level student flew over 11 people laying in a row. It was amazing."

Gundersen Boscobel's new Family Medicine Physician Dr. Colleen McCurry was also at the market to meet community members and participate in some of the carnival games made available for patrons.

There is one Farmers Market left this year—Wednesday, October 11 from 4 to 7 p.m. Vendors are invited to take this one last opportunity to showcase the fall fruits of their labor, and shoppers are encouraged to partake in the local produce and baked goods from around the area. We plan to end the season on a high note, continuing with the family theme, another free craft for kids, local entertainment and showcasing the GBAHC Radiology department in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We hope to see you there!

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