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Listed below are some of the most recent projects, services, and pieces of equipment that have been funded by donations to the Boscobel Area Hospital Foundation.

Enhancing your care experience
The safe and timely transfer of patients during a medical situation is critical. With the purchase of an industry-leading powered stretcher, medical staff can now raise and lower patients with the touch of button.

Bringing you the latest rehab equipment
A patient-favorite, the upper body ergometer (UBE) allows for both seated and standing exercise and rapid wheelchair access. As a cardiovascular and rehabilitation tool, the results are exceptional.

Reducing transportation barriers
Fuel support is made available to eligible patients as we work to reduce the barriers that often exist to receiving care.

Protecting you from unnecessary imaging radiation exposure
Employees funded a LaserX tool to more precisely calculate your position for medical imaging, reducing radiation exposure during surgery or joint injections.

Helping you breathe easier
Keeping an eye on how well you're breathing just got more efficient with the purchase of a fingertip pulse oximeter, which means a quicker response should issues arise within Med/Surg, Observation, Surgery and the ER.

Accurate readings allow for more appropriate care
Obtaining reliable and accurate oxygen levels is now easier than ever. Used with a wide range of patients in a variety of settings from home to hospital, the wrist oximeter helps track patient overnight oxygen levels in a downloadable format, allowing for an appropriate plan of care.

Bringing you tools for prevention and early detection
Employees funded a key gynecological tool used within our Specialty Clinic which aids in the prevention and/or early detection of cervical cancer.

Expanded ability to address your skin concerns
Employees funded the latest technology used within our Specialty Clinic that allows for the safe and effective removal of spider veins, moles, warts, skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, skin cancer, and more with less scaring.

Slaman Scholarship
Established by Sam and Karen Slaman to assists employees of GBAHC and their spouse or children pursue a post-secondary education in nursing.

Educating staff to provide you ever better care
This proven Nurse Residency Program assists new graduates successfully transition into the nursing field; enhancing the care our patients receive.

Quicker, safer patient transfers
The ability to safely transfer a patient from cart or wheelchair to an imaging exam table within the Radiology Department was made possible with the installation of an overhead ceiling lift system.

Strengthening positive parenting skills
The ACT (Adults and Children Together) Facilitator Training was made available at no cost to area school districts and staff. This positive parenting coursework focuses on child development, behavior management, tools for positive effective discipline, effective anger and conflict management and media literacy.

Previously funded projects

  • Conversion of six patient rooms
  • Wii Systems, Swing Bed Services
  • Treadmill, Stress Test Lab
  • Microscope, Lab
  • Blanket warmer, Med/Surg
  • Training machine, Rehab
  • Ergonomic exam table, Radiology
  • Screening equipment, Worksite Wellness Program
  • Food transport cart, Med/Surg
  • Bariatric prep chair, Sleep Lab
  • Motorized patient transport cart, OR
  • Quick thaw plasma device, Lab
  • Bariatric phlebotomy chairs, Clinics
  • Airway clearance system, Respiratory Therapy
  • Treatment table, Rehab
  • Coagulation analyzer, Lab
  • Ultrasound/electrical stimulation unit, Rehab
  • Arthroscopic leg holder, Surgery
  • Bariatric guest chairs, Clinics
  • EECP unit, Cardiopulmonary Rehab
  • Patient education
  • Recumbent cross training machine, Cardiopulmonary Rehab
  • Automated External Defibrillator training system, Respiratory Therapy
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