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Healthy Living with Chronic Pain
… Healthy Living with Chronic Pain … Healthy Living with Chronic Pain Home 404search Healthy Living with Chronic … let us know to receive a reduced rate. Scholarships may be available.    Related services Pain Management $30.00 This event is ongoing. Gundersen Sparta Clinic 1111 West Wisconsin …
Palliative Care and Hospice may be option for those with CHF
… status Life expectancy Limited Estimated 6 months or less Type of treatment Symptom management (may be pursuing life-prolonging treatment) Symptomatic treatment only, … patient and family. They work to: Promote enhanced quality of life Provide ongoing pain and symptom management Help understand and cope with illness and its … private insurers, Medicare and Medical Assistance cover Palliative Care and Hospice services, or there are private-pay options. If you have any questions or concerns …
Physical Therapy
… Therapy Injuries, illnesses and surgery can impact your mobility or cause ongoing pain. Our physical therapists use therapy, technology and techniques to restore function and manage pain. Your care team collaborates to deliver high-quality care that gets you back to … cuff injuries Spine curve (Scoliosis) Walking abnormality (gait instability) Services Dry needling Functional rehabilitation and strengthening Neurological …
… When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. You don't have to live with the pain. Our podiatrists will help you find the source of your pain and a treatment … plantar fasciitis) Foot and heel pain Previous foot or ankle surgery Wound care Services Custom foot orthotics Diabetic wound and limb preservation Foot and ankle … to meet with you to discuss our personalized plan.  Click to learn more Related services Orthopedics Bone, joint and muscle pain can make life miserable. Our …
… Urology … Urology Home 404search Urology Urinary problems don't have to be painful and embarrassing. The good news is almost all of them are treatable, … cancer Urinary incontinence and pelvic floor issues Urinary tract infections Services Bladder cancer surgery and treatment Bladder stone and kidney stone management Cystoscopies to see the inside of the bladder and urethra Prostate cancer …
Palliative Care
… COPD Dementia  Heart failure Infections  Kidney failure  Liver failure Stroke Services Advance care planning guidance Coordination of community resources, such as … up home care Medication advice to provide relief from your symptoms, including pain, fatigue, sleeplessness and anxiety  Nutrition consultations  Spiritual and …
… Orthopedics … Orthopedics Home 404search Orthopedics Maybe it’s a nagging pain in your knee or hip. Maybe it’s a sports injury. No matter the cause, … birth defects, injuries and delays in children Orthopedic trauma Sports injuries Services Foot and ankle surgery Hand surgery Joint injections Joint replacement of … out our Patient Education library. Find orthopedic surgery resources Related services Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Whether you’re bouncing back from an …
… Endometriosis Infertility Loss of bladder and bowel control (incontinence)  Pelvic pain and masses Uterine growths (uterine fibroids)  Services Sexual health Incontinence care Menopause support Gynecologic cancer care … minimally invasive hysterectomy surgery. See a Gynecology provider Related services Pregnancy & Birth Gundersen delivers superior prenatal care and beyond as …
Vascular Care
… Resistant hypertension Stroke Varicose veins (chronic venous insufficiency) Services Aneurysm repair Angioplasty Carotid endarterectomy to remove plaque inside … veins are simply eyesores. For others, the condition leads to tired, achy or painful legs, blood clots, swelling and open sores. We offer procedures for both …
Hospice for End of Life Care
… Find a provider Find a location Conditions Life-limiting illnesses and conditions Services Comprehensive and compassionate end-of-life care, including symptom, pain and medication management Caregiver support, including respite time and 24-hour availability for …
Occupational Therapy
… Parkinson’s disease Swelling in extremities (Lymphedema) Tendon laceration Wrist pain Services Functional treatment to restore daily activity abilities  Hand therapy …
Occupational Medicine
… like falls, sprains or broken bones Ergonomic-related conditions Skin rashes Services Medical exams including DOT, pre-employment, FAA, fitness-for-duty, … Exams (IME) and more Workers’ Compensation injury treatment and return-to-work management Drug and alcohol testing Respirator exams Disability assessment and … physical therapists are equipped to help you restore mobility and manage pain. Explore Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Regain your independence after …
Swing Bed program offers patients a home before going home
… hospital-based program for our patients who no longer need inpatient services but are not ready to go home and still need rehabilitation and/or nursing … to post-acute. Other patients, like Jean, find Swing Bed programs at Gundersen locations closer to home to heal.   Jean recovered from a broken leg and damaged hip … nurses, therapists and pharmacists on a personalized recovery plan to manage her pain, rehab her injuries and return home.    “The more you progressed, they told you …
Gundersen Home Hospital cares for 100th patient
Dennis Anderson was able to make it back to one of his favorite places, the dance floor, thanks to Gundersen Home Hospital. ...
Gundersen St. Joseph's unveils 2019 community health needs assessment
… to reduce the number of opioid prescriptions while increasing the use of other pain relief techniques," confirms Howard. "With providers like Dr. O'Rourke … Becky Walker, we already have the ability to promote these alternative pain management techniques here in Hillsboro." Gundersen St. Joseph's has also turned its … though Gundersen St. Joseph's has placed huge focus on delivering mental health services, the focus group felt there was still work to be done in providing better …
… doctoral-level licensed psychologists, with the intent of supervising psychological services rendered directly by the fellow. Fellows attend one hour per week of … a patient liaison to aid patient scheduling and check-in and general schedule management. Fellows are provided a $1,000 allowance to assist with purchasing … behavioral health concerns; to develop an integrated treatment plan; and to teach pain management strategies to children, adolescents and their families to assist …

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