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Gundersen is published four times a year by Gundersen Health System. The information contained in the magazine is to educate consumers about various health subjects and is not intended to replace professional medical advice or service.

Fall 2015 issue

Gundersen Magazine Spring 2015 Issue
  • It's back: Laughing gas for labor pain
  • Gundersen launches new Integrative Medicine Center
  • New Menopause Clinic is helping women find answers
  • Be a partner in your child's online life
  • Exercise + physical activity: The best recipe for improved health
  • Vaccinations aren't just for kids
  • 'Micro surgery' offers back pain relief
  • Self-Care Plan puts you in control of joint pain
  • Creating a healthy holiday season
  • Get the most out of your grains
  • Telemedicine offers convenient access to specialists

Summer 2015 issue

Gundersen Magazine Summer 2015 Issue
  • Teamwork tackles 'Brain Leak' diagnosis and treatment
  • It's time to break the stigma of mental illness
  • Screening catches De Soto woman's early stage lung cancer
  • Reassurance after a child's first seizure
  • Quality of life is new geriatric clinic's mission
  • Set screen time limits for your kids
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery by the numbers
  • The transformation of Danielle Lamb
  • Are you ready to be a healthier, more active family?
  • Love your mouth for whole-body health
  • Tapping into one of nature's best-kept secrets

Personal health concerns should be brought to the attention of your physician or health professional prior to any change in medical treatment, exercise routine or diet.

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