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Help! The more I work out, the more I weigh

You've jumped whole-heartedly into a new gym routine and you're excited to see the numbers on the scale drop. Instead they are creeping up and you're freaking out. Learn more

5 ways women can manage stress

The average woman plays many roles over the course of a days. She does more in a day than most superheroes. But that isn't always good. Learn more

Treatments for menopause

Jill Davidson, MD, NCMP, Center for Women, discusses Gundersen's Menopause Clinic. Learn more

Gundersen's Integrative Medicine center

Kim Dowat, CNM, PhD, Family Medicine, discusses Integrative Medicine. Learn more

Wild Berry Salad with Chocolate Dressing recipe

Fresh fruits make this healthy salad recipe tasty and colorful. Learn more

3 ways to reduce salt, not taste

Need to limit salt? There are many other ways to enhance the flavor of your food without reaching for the saltshaker. Learn more

Pump up your energy levels naturally

Want to boost your energy naturally? What you eat can directly affect your energy levels. Learn more

Reduce wrinkles and repair sun-damaged skin

Does your skin reveal wrinkles, sun spots and other sun damage? Here's what you can do to help repair sun-damaged skin. Learn more

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