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Today on Balance Your 7

Make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers

It's time to get creative and try a new healthy twist using those leftovers. Learn more

Should it stay or should it go?

Get to know food expiration dates before you toss anything again. Learn more

Beating the winter blues

Jennifer Mueller, PhD, Behavioral Health, discusses how to stay active in winter months. Watch now

Making a healthy Thanksgiving dinner

Marisa Pruitt, RD, Nutrition Therapy, discusses ideas for a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. Watch now

Gloves and scarves: Protection from cold or the cause of a cold?

During winter weather, gloves, mittens and scarves are indispensable for shielding hands and faces from the cold. But they can also harbor and spread germs. Learn more

Feeling stressed? Try this yoga stretch for tense, tight shoulders

It's the most wonderful time of the take a deep breath and stretch your arms up toward the sky. Learn more

Fatigue at work? Wake up with this move

Try this stretch for an energy boost and to relieve shoulder pain. Learn more

Thinking about hip replacement surgery? What you need to know

Almost a quarter of a million Americans each year to have hip replacement surgery. Learn more

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