Balance Your 7

Today on Balance Your 7

Kick up your favorite dishes the healthy way

Make your next trip down the spice aisle a flavorful adventure. Learn more

Shake up your fitness routine

If you've been stuck in the same fitness rut for so long, it's probably time to switch up your workout. Learn more

Stroke detection and prevention

Lisa Belling, NP, Neurology, discusses stroke detection and prevention. Watch now

Infertility Awarness Week

Catherine Ryan, MD, Center for Women, discusses infertility. Watch now

Skip the tanning bed before vacation

Thinking of getting a "base" tan at a tanning salon to prepare for your next sunny vacation? Think again. Learn more

Create a safe, alcohol-free environment for prom and graduation

This year, area communities can avoid the tragic alcohol related teen deaths that have marred so many past proms and graduations. Learn more

Carpal tunnel exercises at your desk

Do you have carpal tunnel symptoms or carpal tunnel pain? Try these exercises at your desk. Learn more

Is it more than the winter blues?

For some the change in seasons causes a much more serious condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, a subtype of depression. Learn more

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