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The more you sit, the higher your risk of heart disease

"Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting." Learn more

Pumpkin Dip recipe

When served with apple slices, this delicious treat packs a one-two punch of skin-loving vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, vitamin A, C, E plus beta-carotene and copper which all help support radiant, healthy skin. Learn more

Risk of heart attacks during hunting season

Sam Setty, MD, Cardiology, discusses getting in shape for hunting season. Watch now

Practice proper hand hygiene

Jennifer Fleis, RN, Quality, discusses hand hygiene. Watch now

Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe

Nutrient-rich foods should be a main factor when making food choices and one of the most nutritious (and delicious) choices is the sweet potato. Learn more

Do you know your risks for heart disease?

One in three women and one in four men die of heart disease. Learn more

Three quick tips for fitting in breakfast

Eating a smart breakfast is important. It can wake up your metabolism, improve concentration and behavior for school-aged kids and promote a healthy body weight. Learn more

Spice up your favorite foods with pumpkin

Before you get tricked into satisfying your pumpkin craving with another sugary coffee drink, remember that pumpkins can also be a healthy treat. Learn more

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