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Is your diet giving you a headache?

The foods you choose could be the cause of your headaches, from cheese and nuts to red wine and coffee. Learn more

Avoid weight gain on summer vacation

Sure, vacations are wonderful, but the extra weight you sometimes pick up sure isn't. Learn more

Preventing and rehabbing a stroke

Christine Brose, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehab, discusses rehabilitation after a stroke. Learn more

Gundersen's Geriatric Assessment Clinic

Mary Bassing, MD, Internal Medicine, discusses Gundersen's Geriatric Assessment Clinic. Learn more

How much sugar should you eat each day?

You may be eating 3 times the suggested amount. Learn more

Ahh, summer!

Summer is a great time to enjoy warm weather and the company of family and friends. Learn more

It's time to 'change the direction' of mental health

Did you know one in five Americans has a diagnosable mental health condition and that more Americans are expected to die this year by suicide than in car accidents? Learn more

Eggs: Good or bad?

Eggs always seem to be on the chopping block because of their cholesterol. Learn more

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