Active Commuting

Active commuting encourages people to get physically active on a regular basis and to reduce greenhouse emissions and traffic congestion by actively or alternatively commuting.

Active/alternative commuting includes:

  • Walking
  • Bicycle riding
  • Car pooling
  • Using mass transit transportation
  • Any other travel without driving yourself (rollerblading, skateboarding. Have fun and get creative.)

Safety Tips

  • Follow the Rules of the Road - As appropriate - obey all traffic signs, signal and watch for traffic at intersections, cross at crosswalks, do not exceed speed limit, wear seatbelt at all times, ride with traffic (bike, car), walk against traffic or use sidewalk when available, use proper lane position, etc.
  • Wear appropriate attire to be visible and safe - As appropriate - wear helmet, protective equipment (bike, rollerblade), be visible-wear bright clothing or reflective clothing, wear lights on person or bike, wear comfortable shoes, wear seatbelt (car, bus if applicable), use rain gear as appropriate-poncho, umbrella, fenders, etc.
  • Be alert and aware of surroundings - As appropriate - do not use ear buds or listen to loud radio, do not talk or text on cell phone, monitor surroundings for potential dangers - environmental lighting, uneven terrain, road conditions, etc.
  • Safety inspection of your mode of transportation - As appropriate - secure cargo, ensure proper tire inflation, ensure mechanical items in good working condition - brakes, chains, belts, lights, turn signals, etc. Shoes in good working condition (not excessively worn, protecting feet from hazards), laces secured, etc.

Questions, contact Susan Lundsten at (608) 775-5442.


Pedaling saves the planet
Gundersen Health System's Walk, Ride, Share for Cleaner Air commuting challenge gives staff incentives for biking, car-pooling, taking the bus or walking to work. Each month through the end of August, employees who participate in this challenge will have a chance to win gift cards and other great prizes. Read more
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