Winning Weighs®

Gundersen Health System's Winning Weighs® program gives you the knowledge, tools and confidence for a healthy lifestyle. It rejects the diet mentality and helps you establish a healthy relationship with food. Winning Weighs can help you improve your energy, manage weight-related health conditions and lose weight.

This positive, realistic weight loss approach was developed by Gundersen registered dietitians who provide support, motivation and accountability to help you achieve long-term results. Learn to:

  • Develop healthy, mindful eating behaviors
  • Manage unhealthy eating behaviors
  • Plan and cook satisfying meals
  • Make smart restaurant choices
  • Determine healthy portion sizes
  • Recognize hunger and fullness cues
  • Manage set-backs

Winning Weighs runs once a week for 8 sessions then every other week for the remaining 6 sessions to allow time for effective behavior change.

The program includes:

  • 14 class sessions
  • Program workbook and comprehensive resources
  • Support and accountability
  • Three individual registered dietitian visits

In addition to the core Winning Weighs program, our registered dietitians also offer tailored programs including:

View Winning Weighs classes and register online.

To learn about other weight loss options or to speak with a weight management consultant, call (608) 775-LOSE.

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