Whether you're having a minor procedure or a more complex surgery, it can make you a little anxious. Patients at Gundersen Health System can be more at ease knowing they have a surgical team that is ranked as one of America's 100 Best for general surgery by Healthgrades®.

Surgeries involving organs in the abdomen such as the gall bladder, appendix, stomach, and colon are typically done through general surgery. They also perform thyroid, breast and rectal surgeries. Despite its name, general surgery is a surgical specialty with highly trained surgeons.

Gundersen also has surgeons who have received special training for surgeries such as:

Surgery is done for many different reasons, including:

  • To diagnose a condition
  • Take a biopsy of a suspicious lump
  • Remove diseased tissues or organs
  • Remove an obstruction
  • Repair an area that has been injured or affected by trauma, overuse, or disease
  • Restore proper function
  • Relieve pain

Gundersen’s surgical team provides education to make sure the patient and their family fully understand:

  • The surgery
  • Risks and benefits
  • Restrictions
  • Pain management

Whenever possible, they try to do a minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery that often is less painful and has a quicker recovery.

For more information about surgery or to schedule an appointment, find a location near you.

The Surgery Clinic is a department of Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center.

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